Ms. Daya Bhai, the Renowned Social Activist, Encourages the Missionaries to Stand for Justice
Saturday, Oct 12, 2019

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Ms. Daya Bai, a social activist who has roots in Kerala and works among the Tribals in North India and diligently fights for the justice for the victims from of the Endosulfan tragedy in Kerala, was the main speaker in the penultimate day of the Mission Festival organised by the Mission and Evangelism Department of the Church of South India in Dornakal. She told that her faith in Christ is the faith in humanity, and her ideology to stand for the justice to the marginalised and oppressed communities and her spirit to do social protests come from this faith. She spoke on the theme ‘Mission from Margins: Sustainable Mission Accompaniment with the Grassroots’ in the Mission Festival. Christian’s mission is to make the society of equality and break the barriers existing between the communities. The audience was stunned by the enactment performed by Ms. Daya Bhai to narrate the plight of the victims of Endosulfan Tragedy. As an activist, this performance opened up the eyes of the spectators to realise how the corporate world oppresses and exploit the hapless people with their selfish traits. Lamentation of a mother on losing her child, mentally affected and disabled children are no wonder in Kasaragod of Kerala. A simple woman with remarkable deeds is the utmost credit of Ms. Daya Bai. She was able to challenge a thousand missionaries who are attending the Festival to stand firm for justice.

Rev. Asir Ebenezer, the General Secretary of National Council of Churches in India delivered a message on “SMART-National and Ecumenical Perspective”. He pointed out that the strategy of the mission should be proclaiming against exclusion and caste. And proclaiming Jesus to all.

Reported by:
Rev. Maxcin John,
Mission and Evangelism Dept.,
CSI Synod. 

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