CSI- BCC (Board of Child Care) :: Aims & Objective


A Child who is happy, healthy, creative; and whose rights are protected and honoured in a society that is built on Christian values, respect for dignity, justice and equity.


To enable people to take responsibility for the situation of the deprived children and so motivate them to seek solutions through individual and collective action to improve living conditions in a sustainable manner, thereby enabling children to realise their full potential.


  • Change the face of the children with Hope and Power
  • Working towards a future free of destitution, violence or abuse.
  • Under privileged children are taken care
  • Help the children to realize and celebrate the fullness of life
  • Develop the potential to lead children to self sustenance
  • Children are nurtured with care and protection and experience the love of Christ
  • Child Protection Policy (CPP) to be implemented at all levels