CSI EMS Liaison Office :: Aims & Objective


EMS stands for Ecumenical Mission in Solidarity, an Association of Churches and Missions founded in 1972, bringing together five Churches and five Mission Societies in Germany. Now EMS is an International Fellowship with Churches in India, Ghana, South Africa, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Indonesia, Korea and Japan.

In the Church of South India, EMS supports several Programmes organized by the Departments and Dioceses. Many of the Partner Churches in Germany are in Direct Partnership with CSI Dioceses. Through mutual Visits and Voluntary Service of Young People, intercultural exchange and ecumenical learning is promoted. EMS works together with CSI in addressing issues related to HIV and AIDS, Human Rights, Gender Justice, Girl Child related issues and such other concerns. Thus EMS seeks to partner with the Church of South India in its service to the poor and needy, responding to the demands of the Gospel. The EMS has established a closer link to the CSI through its Liaison Office in the CSI Secretariat.