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Consultation on Developing Migrant Friendly Congregation - Kerala Region
Wednesday, Sep 14, 2016

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The Department of Mission & Evangelism CSI Synod and Madhya Kerala Diocese jointly organized three days Mission Consultation on Developing Migrant Friendly Congregation from 25th to 27th May 2016 at CSI Retreat Centre, Kottayam.  40 participants from all the Kerala Regional Dioceses participated in this programme. The theme for the consultation was “Knitting Neighbourhood”. 

The Inaugural Worship was led by Rev. Daniel George, Bishop's Commissary, Madhya Kerala Diocese, and Welcome address was given by Rev. Raju Jacob, Director, Mission & Evangelism, Madhya Kerala Diocese.  Rev. S. Christopher Vijayan, Director, Mission & Evangelism, CSI Synod introduced the program concept and explained the theme Knitting neighbourhood.  

Rev. Dr. Shinoj Boas, Professor, UTC, Bangalore, Rev. S. Christopher Vijayan, Director, Mission & Evangelism, CSI Synod, Dr. Jean Mathew, Madhya Kerala Diocese, Rev. Dr. Prinstone Ben, Director, Board for Mission, South Kerala Diocese, Prof. Dr. Mathew Koshy, Director, Department of Ecological Concerns CSI Synod, Rev. T. I. James, Presbyter, Malabar Diocese and Dr. Susan Thomas, President, Women's Fellowship, Madhya Kerala Diocese were the resource persons to this conference.

Some of the major issues related to Migrancy like Theological Interpretations on Migrancy, New Venture in Mission: Mission to Migrant Workers, Causes arises out of Migrancy, Churches Response to Migrancy, Mission to Migrants -Health Care,   Eco Crisis and Migration and Socio, Political, Cultural and Religious context of Migrants were discussed in the consultation.

Worship and Bible study sessions were led by Rev. M. Franklin, Director, Board for Mission, Kollam Kottarakara Diocese, Rev. Raju Jacob, Director, Board for Mission Madhya Kerala Diocese, Rev. Nitton Bose, Director Board for Mission Cochin Diocese and Rev. Maxin John, Director, Board for Mission, East Kerala Diocese.

In the closing session Rt. Rev. Thomas K. Oommen, Deputy Moderator CSI & Bishop, Madhya Kerala Diocese delivered closing address and explained how the Madhya Kerala Diocese is doing mission work among migrants in Kottayam and Trivandrum and in other places. He also called the Churches to prepare action plan for this special ministry and to reserve some funds in their budget. He also offered prayers and benediction.

The officers of the Madhya Kerala Diocese Rev. Dr. Oommen George, Adv. Stephen J. Daniel, Rev. Dr. Sabu K. Cherian, Dr. Simon John shared their greetings. Rev. S. Christopher Vijayan pronounced vote of thanks. This program was very well organized by Rev. Raju Jacob, Director, Board for Mission Madhya Kerala Diocese.

Rev. S. Christopher Vijayan

Director, Mission & Evangelism CSI Synod