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Training of Trainers(ToT) on Child Protection Policy for CSIBCC Resource Team
Saturday, Feb 18, 2017

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A three days ‘Training of Trainers’ (TOT) was held at the Church of South India- Board of Child Care(CSIBCC) campus in Bangalore, for one representative from each of the 20 Dioceses of Church of South India along with the Programme Executives from 15th to 17th February 2017, at Bangalore. It was organised by CSIBCC and facilitated by KNH South India CPP National Facilitators Team. The main objectives of the programme were as follows:

  • To enable participants to have the adequate understanding of child rights, legal framework on child rights and child protection.

  • To enhance participants understanding about different types of child abuse and the need for appropriate strategies of prevention.

  • To enable participants to realise the need to involve children in the implementation of the child protection policy.

  • To familiarise participants on the existing CSIBCC-CPP and capacitate them to train their fellow staff team members and evolve an action plan to implement CSIBCC-CPP at the project level

Day 1
On the first day of the programme, after completing the registration, the 27 registered participants joined the CSIBCC staff for a time of devotion and submission of the course in the hands of our Lord Almighty. The Director of CSIBCC, Mr.Anil Kumar Charles led the devotion with Parable of Good Samaritan thus emphasising on the responsibility of the staff in providing care for the children and claiming of their rights to heavenly inheritance by the children. Thereafter, a brief introduction was held, wherein Mr. Anil Charles gave an introduction about the 3 days training programme. And then introduced and welcomed the Facilitators team. The participants introduced themselves.

The programme thus started with a card provided to all the participants asking them to write their expectation from the three days programme. The participants were actively involved and presented the same to everyone. Facilitator’s team introduced the programme objectives of ToT and programme schedule for 3 days.

The group discussed the concept of Learning- dealt by Mr. Thomas Jeyaraj. Learning as knowing the unknown. The role of Attitudes-values-Learning was discussed. An interesting story telling exercise on Values was given during the session. After our lunch, Mr. Thomas Jeyaraj had the next session about understanding child rights. In that Human rights, child rights and orientation of UNCRC were discussed. The groups were asked to write their wants and needs. The session was lively and the facilitator made everyone to share his/her thoughts. More of activity and group work Methodology were followed.

Mr. Thomas took us to the next session on Legal Framework on Child rights. A legal perspective on child rights and child protection. It comprises of International and National law. How can the law protect the children and in what ways? He also shared the experience on how the Indian legal framework works in the protection of children. National commissions and child protection Mechanism in India were also dealt with in detail.

Mrs.Jency addressed the main issues of Child Abuse, types of abuse and definitions. This was through Alligator story telling format. The participants involved actively and responded to her questions. She divided the working groups and asked the participants who is the most to be blamed in the story?

End of the day there was a documentary film, which depicted the story of a daughter who is abused by her own father. After that, the participants moved to have their Dinner.

Day 2
The day started with Devotion led by Ms.Sowmini and Mr.Surya Prakash. Soon after that, there was a Recap session, which went up to 5:00 pm in the evening. During the mid-morning break, we had the photo session.

Mr. Sathish Samuel led the recap session, each group were given topics and was asked to demonstrate. As the first and second group did the recap Ms.Sowmini and team started with the recap session of the previous days learning. The group used methodologies like flash cards, Ppt and a role-play.

After this demonstration, all the other group were asked for feedback so that it will make the group as well as the individual to grow.

The third group presented their topic through a skit to show how rights are denied to children. The topic given to them was understanding child rights. The group used flash cards, white board and a small skit.

After lunchtime, the energizer team conducted cool games to make ourselves relaxed. The fourth team gave a presentation on Legal perspective on child rights and child protection. They used Lecture method and made everyone to share one Law pertaining to child rights.

The fifth group came up with the topic Child Abuse. All the members of the group participated and they used methodologies like role-playing and used the white board.

After all the group presentation Mrs.Jency gave a Ppt on “Identifying Risk of child Abuse” Also she explained about preventive strategies and case Management system.

Then the Programme Executives were requested by the facilitator, Mr.S.Thomas Jeyaraj to share a few words on the days learning.

At the end of the day, there was a group activity, which was presented in the form of Information Educational Communication (IEC) material on the next day.

Day 3
The day’s programme started with a devotion led by Mrs. Shiny and Mr.Roosvelt. The day started with the group activity, which was assigned to each group individually. After all the presentation there was self-evaluation session. Each group expressed their thoughts. The next session was on Implementation of CPP with children. In that small group discussions on inclusion/exclusion scenarios and examples were drawn from the participants. Group exercise on body map, which reflects the Body of ideal facilitator, was done. After our lunch, the next session was on how to organise training on child protection.

Some of the opinion from the participants was to create a child protection committee. An action plan was explained clearly how to go about with the training at the project level. During the end of the session, all the participants were asked to share their experience on the three days programme, what they take back home and what they want to leave back here. The participants felt the whole programme was very useful in bringing up a change in the minds of people and some said they are going to take back home the confidence to facilitate the other staff in the respective projects of the Diocese.

Mr. Anil Kumar Charles after listening to the feedback from the participants thanked everyone. The Staff of CSI BCC felicitated the resource persons, Mr. Thomas Jeyaraj, Mrs. Jency and Mr.Sathish Samuel

The field staff who completed the ToT received a certificate.  This enables the trainee to Conduct Training to other staffs with the training material provided in the ToT sessions.

List of Participants:

Sl. No.

Name of the Participant



Sl. No.

Name of the Participant



Annamma Thomas

CSI Madhya Kerala



R. Thangadurai

CSI Tirunelveli


D. Surya Prakash Rao

CSI Medak



Rachel George

CSI East Kerala


D.P. Roosevelt

CSI Malabar



S. Ravikumar

CSI Trichy-Tanjore


G. Prabhakar Rao

CSI Dornakal



Sathy Bhaskaran

CSI Cochin


Geetha Srinivas

CSI Karnataka South



Suchith Y. Adagal

CSI Karnataka North


Jacob Srinivas

CSI Nandyal



Sunitha Rani

CSI Kanyakumari



CSI Rayalaseema



V. Lilly Margarate

CSI Karimnagar


M. Augustine Ponraj

CSI Madurai Ramnad



V.Deva Rani

CSI Krishna-Godavari


M. Jeeva

CSI Vellore




CSI Coimbatore


Prabha N.B.

CSI South Kerala



Vasanthi Sadhuri

CSI Karnataka Central

Anil Charles
Director,  CSIBCC