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Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017

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                                  CELEBRATION OF THE SERMON ON THE

                                         MOUNT IN VELLORE DIOCESE

An Evangelical as well as Missional program named as  Sermon on the Mount were conducted at Karadivaripally Village under Bengarupalayam Pastorate in Vellore Diocese on 17 September 2017 under the leadership of the Pastorate Chairman Rev. Samuel Babu.  During this occasion, Vellore Diocesan Secretary Rev. H. Sharma Nithiyanandham, CSI Synod Mission Director and Pastors, Missionaries and Evangelists of Bangarupalayam Pastorate have participated in the program.  The program was organized on the Golgotha Mountain Top and nearly 1000 people have attended the meeting!

There is a legacy behind the Sermon on the Mount. Originally, it was started in 1958 during the time of heavy drought and famine. During that plight, people were gathered around the cross on the hill top  along with procession and singing with village drums and music and worshipped God and preached the word of God! Soon after the worship, rain came and then, they could able to cultivate the land. Thus, famine was solved! As a commemoration of that great experience, people are still doing the Sermon on the Mount! 

This is a venue for gathering together, listen together and having fellowship together in the very presence of God! Irrespective of age group, all are enthusiastically involving and participating the worship and preaching! Remarkable thing is that children and youth are collecting cakes and sweets from others and sharing to each other’s during the celebration!

 Really praise God for the people's strong faith!