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WCC invites youth to Stewards Programme for 2018 Central Committee
Friday, Dec 08, 2017

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Applications to be endorsed by CSI Officers

The World Council of Churches (WCC) invites ecumenical youth to be stewards at the 2018 Central Committee in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Stewards Programme aims to bring together a dynamic and diverse group of 20 young people from all over the world from 5-23 June 2018. The invitation is open to people from a variety of backgrounds, churches and regions.

”As a diverse community, stewards bring their faith, experiences and visions to an ecumenical experience of togetherness and friendship,” explains Joy Eva Bohol, WCC programme executive for Youth Engagement.

Bohol, a former steward herself, highlights the value such an experience can give to those interested in engaging in the ecumenical movement.

”This is both an opportunity to listen, learn and experience the work of the WCC and its efforts towards Christian unity, and a chance to contribute your own experience, and to dive into the work hands-on. Although the work is often done under tight deadlines and high pressure, it is an opportunity not to be missed,” Bohol says.

Stewards are young people between the ages 18 and 30 years old. English is the working language of the programme, and patience, ability to work with people from other countries and cultures, as well as a willingness to work together as a team, are key.

Deadline for applying is 10 January 2018