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Training on Child Rights and Protection
Monday, Dec 11, 2017

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Training on Child Rights and Protection held at CSI St. Paul’s Church, KGF, Karnataka Central Diocese on 19th November 2017.

Sixty participants from CSI St. Paul’s Church, affirmed the rights of the children in KGF, a poverty and unemployment ridden gold mining area of Karnataka state. Participants were from Women’s Fellowship, Men’s fellowship, Youth Fellowship and girls and boys from Church run hostels.

Through this training workshop the congregation members were given an overview of context of child abuse and the relevance and role of Church in the promotion and protection of child rights.

It was an eye-opener for the congregation members as they were not aware such rights existed for children and this training was the first of its kind to happen in this region.  

This training workshop on Child Rights and Protection was held at CSI St. Paul’s Church, KGF, Karnataka Central Diocese on 19th November 2017.  The workshop started with an opening prayer by Rev. Beena Priyadharshini, Presbyter, CSI St. Peter’s Church, KGF.

Mr. Solomon Raja, the Girl Child Campaign Co-ordinator was the facilitator for the workshop. He presented an introductory note on why church should address this issue and gave an exercise to the participants to help them understand about Child Abuse and Protection. The exercise was a new experience for this group of adult participants and they enjoyed it very much. 


After the all three sessions on Child Rights, Abuse and legal frame works the participants were divided into groups and were told to discuss in detail what they would like to do within the next 3 months which will culminate in the National Girl Child day in the month of January 2018. Congregation members involved enthusiastically and their responses were overwhelming, some said they will take up these concerns to other congregations that are in the KGF area and form a small group, within their Church, where representatives will be from all the fellowships in the Church to plan for follow up programs.  

During the workshop the Rt. Rev. Dr. Prasanna Kumar Samuel, Bishop, Karnataka Central Diocese graced the occasion and offered greetings. The workshop came to an end with closing prayer and benediction by the Rev, Subha Keerthana, Presbyter St. John’s Church, KGF. The arrangements were made by Rev. Usha Rani, Presbyter; St. Mathew’s Church and Church committee members of CSI St. Paul’s Church . The whole program was co-ordinated by Rev. Robin Marshall, Chairman and Presbyter –in-charge of CSI St. Paul’s Church, KGF.  


Daniel Solomon Raja

Girl Child Campaign Co-ordinator