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Enhancing Capacities of the Congregation to Become Missional Congregation: One Day Retreat for Missionaries of Nandyal Diocese
Monday, Dec 18, 2017

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Mission and Evangelism Department: CSI Synod Mission and Evangelism Department and CSI Diocese of Nandyal jointly organized a one-day Retreat for Missionaries, Evangelists, Bible Women and Missionary Ordains of Nandyal Diocese on 22nd November 2017 at Viswasalayam, CSI Bishop’s Compound, Nadyal. The Retreat was conducted based on the Theme “Enhancing Capacities of the Congregation to Become Missional Congregation”.

The Rt. Rev. E. Pushpalalitha, Bishop of CSI Diocese of Nandyal inaugurated the Retreat. Nandyal Diocesan Office Bearers such as Rev. Dr. Z. Yesu Ratnam (Vice-President), Rev. D. Samuel Rathna Raju (Treasurer), Rev. A. T. Sekhar have shared the greetings to the Meeting. Rev. Justin Devadas (General Secretary, Diocesan Missionary Prayer Band-DMPB in Kanyakymary Diocese) and Rev. Maxcin John (Synod Mission Director) have delivered Retreat Message based on the theme “Enhancing Capacities of the Congregation to Become Missional Congregation”.

There were sixty participants including Evangelists, Missionaries, Sisters, Bible Women and Missionary Ordains who have enthusiastically participated in the retreat. Group Discussions and sharing Sessions also were organized. This retreat was an eye-opening and stepping stone for the new avenues of the ongoing Missionary Journey of the Church. It has enormously helped to boost the Kanya-Nandhy Mission Partnership (Mission Partnership between Kanyakumary and Nandyal Diocese) as well.

The Retreat was organized in well manner by the excellent hosting of Nandyal Diocese. Rev. A.P. Johnson Vijayakumar, Director and Convener of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Diocese of Nandyal has rendered remarkable service and leadership along with his active team in order to organize the Retreat in fruitful Manner. Retreat were concluded by Bishop the Rt. Rev. E. Pushpalalitha with word of Prayer and Benediction. Thus, by God’s grace, Retreat were concluded by sprinkled much enthusiasm and refreshes to the participants those who had came from   rural and remote areas of Nandyal Diocesan Mission Fields.

Reported by Rev. A.P. Johnson Vijayakumar

Director and Convener of Mission and Evangelism

CSI Diocese of Nandyal