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Mission Fields Exposure Visit in Nandyal Diocesan Mission Fields
Monday, Dec 18, 2017

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Mission and Evangelism Department: On Behalf of CSI Synod Mission and Evangelism Department and Kany-Nandy Missions, Mission Field Exposure trip was organized on 23rd November 2017 in Nandyal. Rev. A.P. Johnson Vijayakumar, Mission Director of Nadyal Diocese has led the exposure trip through the Mission Fields such as Atmakure Mission Field in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh, Kalasapadu Rural Mission Field, YSR Kadappa District, and Alampure rural Mission Field Mahaboobnagar District,     Telangana State.

The Rt. Rev. E. Pushpalalitha, Bishop in Nandyal Diocese, Rev. Justin Devadas (General Secretary, Diocesan Missionary Prayer Band-DMPB, Kanyakumary Diocese), Rev. Maxcin John (Synod Mission Director), and the Kanya-Nady Missionaries such as Mr.Dhinkar, Mr. Ananda Rao, Mr.M. Bhaskar Rao, Mr. S. Sudhakar, Mr. Thyaga Raju, and Mr. Sounder Raju were participated in the Mission Exposure Trip.

 It was an eye-opening as well as challenging visit by which we could learnt and listen the simple and humble faith of ordinary people and received excellent hospitality and warm welcome out of their sincere heart. Though they are suffering from many lacking and backwardness, they are extra ordinary in their strong conviction and faith in Lord Jesus Christ.

We have realized that it is the need of the hour to encourage and support the people of those mission fields in their faith journey. We need to be with them in their pains and agonies. They are really abled and talented and they could able to be the subjects of Mission in the days to come!

Rev. Maxcin John,
Director, CSI Synod Mission and Evangelism Dept.