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Tamilnadu Regional Youth Conference was held at CSI Kanyakumari Diocese on the 6th and 7th January 2018
Monday, Jan 08, 2018

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Tamilnadu Regional Youth Conference was held at CSI Kanyakumari Diocese on the 6th and 7th January 2018. This time too like the other regional youth conferences the focus was on “Youth Discipleship in the Context of Empire”. This event witnessed the coming together of 200 Young people from the various CSI Dioceses in Tamilnadu.

The inauguration of the Tamilnadu Regional Youth conference was presided done by Adv. Rober C. Bruce the Treasurer of CSI and the financial administrator of the Kanyakumari Diocese. In his inaugural address he encouraged the young people to be transparent in their thinking and accountable in their actions, he also highlighted that the youth being an integral part of this great church should always strive in building a movement of clean governance and administration as the CSI in striving towards it already. This conference was presided over by the Chairperson of the Synod Youth Department Rt. Rev. Dr. Royce Manoj Victor, Bishop in Malabar Diocese, who in his presidential address highlighted the importance of coming together which marks the celebration and also the beginning of peoples movement, he challenged the young people to become more sensitive to the “Empiric order around them which is a threat to the life-affirming realities around us”. He called Tamilnadu Regional Youth Departments to become more organized and encouraged them in forming a CSI Tamilnadu Regional Youth Network.

Day 1 had interactive sessions led by Rev. Asir Ebenezer, Rev. Dr. Jayachitra Lalitha and Rev. Vinolin Caleb, all these three sessions enumerated the importance of Understanding Empire Today, Growing as Disciples through Alternative Spirituality, and Re-imagining Church. The sessions and the theological direction that they gave challenged and inspired the youngsters to come back with questions and interactive discussions. The evening was mad more colorful by the cultural night which showcased great talents by the young people through various forms of cultural art forms.

Day 2 began with the morning worship service at CSI St. Peter’s Church, all the youth directors led the worship and Rev. Augusty Gnana Gandhi gave the sermon. This Holy Communion Service was a symbol of unity and the continuing fellowship among the youth of Tamilnadu Region. was made even more special by the presence of CSI Youth for Peace Campaigners who were meticulously trained from the past 2 years under the Local Capacities for Peace (LCP) framework by CSI-SEVA, these youngsters challenged the other young people to be sensitive to the various conflict situation arising in the society and also commit themselves to address it with peace building measures. This entire process was again facilitated by Rev. Asir Ebenezer and the CSI-SEVA team.

Many youngsters at the end of the conference came forward in showing their willingness to join the Youth for Peace movement to address conflict situations in their own context.

This conference ended on a note

  • By showing the way of Discipleship is to be aware to the changing situation in the society and the life negating consequences which Empire brings today.
  • To address conflict situations and to commit to the cause of building peace and harmony in the society.
  • To follow the call of Christ in being those disciples who will respond to the realities and the challenges the empire brings to us.
  • To promote better networking among the youth department of Tamilnadu region and working towards Tamilnadu Regional Youth Network

The Synod Youth Department is thankful to CSI-SEVA for its continued engagement. A deep sense of gratitude to all the Bishops of the Tamilnadu CSI Dioceses for sending their youth representation to this conference. Appreciation and many thanks to the Kanyakumari Diocese, the Bishop, the office bearers, and the Youth Department under the able leadership of Rev. Duds Gnana Roby for their meticulous planning and organizing in hosting this Regional Youth Conference.