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Building Local Capacities for Peace (LCP) Orientation
Saturday, Feb 03, 2018

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Building Local Capacities for Peace (LCP) Orientation
Tamil Nadu Regional Youth Conference
6th & 7th January 2018
CSI Retreat Centre, Kanyakumari

Tamil Nadu regional Youth Conference in the theme “Youth Discipleship in the context of Empire” organised by the CSI Synod Youth Department saw an immense participation of Youth, with over 200 youth joining together from all the eight dioceses in Tamil Nadu. The program was organised in CSI Retreat Centre, Kanyakumari on the 6th and 7th of January 2018. The CSI-SEVA and the LCP Youth Ambassadors (Yellow Brigade) from all the dioceses had the opportunity to take part in the two-day program and also be resourceful on day 2. The LCP team planned on different ways to orient the concept of LCP to the two hundred youth that were gathered there, the outcome of the planning was enacting an incident which took place on the 29th of May 2016 in Arasikere taluk Hassan district in Karnataka, where an ambulance driver who was killed for trying to bring peace among the two religious groups. He was stabbed to death just for asking them to stop fighting. Rev. Asir Ebenezer used this incident that was enacted in front of the entire youth to explain the importance of LCP. he also gave a brief outline of LCP and further encouraged the group to take any social issue / situation and enact it in a tableau. The larger group was split into eight smaller groups and were asked to work on the two tableaus. One tableau had to portray the cause of the problem and the other tableau to reveal a solution to the same issue. This exercise was inititated to help the youth to understand how to react in a conflict situation.

The different tableaus that were enacted on stage was analysed by the LCP Youth Ambassadors (Yellow Brigade) through the LCP framework, i.e. Finding out what were all the possible connectors in that particular tableau (incident) likewise on the other hand the dividers in the same incident. This threw light on their thoughts and later helped them to think widely in every other situation. Thereby this workshop helped the entire group to analyse issues from the LCP framework starting from the steps involved in LCP.

Mr. David Prabhakar, an LCP trainer was invited to give the theoretical aspect and broader understanding of LCP. He said that Local capacities for Peace (LCP) can be used in any conflict situation, natural calamities and any developmental programs involving aid. He also mentioned that LCP approach should be used in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. He moved on to explain the seven steps that is involved in LCP.

The two-day workshop concluded with the youth coming with a commitment as being youth ambassadors in their respective areas and dioceses.

Praveen Daniel S
Program Executive