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Project Planning & Application Workshop
Saturday, Feb 03, 2018

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Project Planning & Application Workshop
30th & 31st of January 2018
CSI Centre, Chennai

37 Delegates representing 19 dioceses of the Church of South India were part of the workshop which took place in the CSI Centre on the 30th and 31st of January 2018. Delegates being Convener/Secretary of the Diocesan Socio-Economic Committee/Social Board and the Diocesan Project Coordinator/Officer. The purpose of the workshop was to take stock of the various projects implemented in the Dioceses, to plan/discuss future initiatives in the dioceses based on the Need Assessment conducted earlier and to prepare draft project proposals based on the common issues identified in the dioceses. The introductory session was done by Mr. K. Prem Madhuker, Coordinator Projects. Rev Asir Ebenezer, Director CSI-SEVA, gave a summary on the LCP/DNH framework in order to plan and analyze critically in preparation of proposal, project planning and application. The emphasis was given more on 7 W’s (What, Where, When, Why, For Whom, With Whom & By Whom) & 1 H (How) and asked the participants to formulate a project proposal from the identified need from each of their regions. Mr. Isaac from CSI-SEVA in his presentation stressed on the importance towards gender mainstreaming.

The delegates were given ample time to prepare and present their own proposal in the project outline which using the LCP framework. Themes differing from region to region, they were: Organic Farming, HIV/AIDS, Land, Water, Dalit Concerns, were given more focus. Feedback was done by Mr. K. Prem Madhuker along with Mr. Isaac on the gaps which they made during the presentation of the project proposals. This feedback was helpful in order to bring out a better project proposal the following day, which the participants presented with more insight on gender and were more specific compared to the proposal which was done the previous day.

A stock of the works which was done and yet to be done in all the dioceses with regard to campaigns Girl Child Campaign, CSI-GEET (Gender), DISHA (Disability), Elderly was done by Ms. Jessica Richard, Coordinator Campaigns. In the closing session, participants shared the benefits that they gained out of the two-day workshop and proposed that they would look into the LCP/DNH framework more intensely while project planning, project implementation and project Evaluation in the future.

Mr. Praveen Daniel S

Program Executive