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Mission Festival and Regional Missionary Get-Together at Varkkala Program Committee in Kollam Kottarakara Diocese
Tuesday, Feb 06, 2018

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Mission and Evangelism Department, CSI Synod: A Committee Meeting was organized at CSI Cathedral at Kollam in Kollam kottarakkara Diocese on 29th January 2018 in connection to the Kollam Kottarakara Diocesan Mission Festival along with Kerala Regional Missionary get-together. The meeting was presided over by The Rt.Rev. Dr.Oommen George( Bishop Kollam Kottarakkara Diocese). Rev. Dr. Bhanu Samuel (Vice- Chairman), Mr. Varkey Jacob (General Convener and Diocesan Secretary), Er. P.D. Benedict Raja (Diocesan Treasurer), Rev. N. Franklin (Diocesan Mission Board Director), Rev.Maxcin John (Synod Mission Board Director) and other Pastors, Evangelists, Women’s Workers, Representatives from Diocesan Institutions and Organizations were participated in the Meeting.

Mission Festival, Convention and Missionary get-together will be held on 06th March to 10th March 2018 at Varkkala Christhu Giri, Varkkala. The Most Rev.Thomas K. Oommen (CSI Moderator), Rt.Rev.Dr.K.G. Daniel (Bishop, CSI East Kerala Diocese), Rt.Rev. Dharmaraj Rasalam (Bishop, South Kerala Diocese), Rt.Rev.B.N.Fen( Bishop, Cochin Diocese), Rt.Rev. Royce Manoj Victor ( Bishop, Malabar Diocese), Rt.Rev.Dr.Oommen George ( Bishop, Kollam Kottarakkara Diocese) and Most Rev. Philippose Mar Chrisostam( Mathoma Church) will be leading the Mission Festival and Bible Convention. Missionaries from different Dioceses in Kerala will be participating the program.

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Rev.Maxcin John, Director for Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod