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Psycho- Social Interventions of CSIBCC
Thursday, Feb 08, 2018

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‘Psycho-social intervention’ for CSIBCC supported children undergoing 10th, 11th and 12th std examinations in Kanyakumari Diocese.

A one day programme was held on the 31st of January 2018 to provide pscho-social intervention for boys and girls who would be appearing for the 10th, 11th and 12th std board examinations. There were nearly 54 participants from the following Residential Care Projects supported by KNH/CSIBCC:

  1. KNH Children’s Home for Girls, Eathavilai, Project No. 20653
  2. CSI Children’s Home for Girls, Santhapuram, Project No. 20654
  3. CSI Children’s Home for Boys, Moolachel, Project No. 20655
  4. CSI Transitional Resource Center for the Differently Abled children, Allencode, Project No. 20667 and
  5. Dr. Christdhas Home for Children, Colachel, Project No. 20668

There were 15 children from KNH Children’s Home for Girls – Eathavilai; 24 children from CSI Children’s Home for Girls - Santhapuram; 5 children from CSI Children’s Home for Boys - Moolachel; 2 children from CSI Transitional Resource Center for the Differently Abled children – Allencode; and 8 children from Dr. Christdhas Home for Children – Colachel. All the children are below 18 years of age. Further, there were 24 children appearing for their 10th std board exams, 12 children appearing for their 11th std examinations and 18 children appearing for the 12th std examinations.

The Programme which started at 10:00 AM was introduced by Mr. Devadhas the Project-Incharge at the CSI Children’s Home for Boys, Moolachel. The purpose of the meeting was explained to all the children after a time of prayer songs and meditation.

The Opening Prayer was led by Rev. E Stanley Raj, who dwelt on Psalms 16th Chapter. Child L Abila (20653/200) from Eathavilai read the Bible, after which Rev. Stanley spoke elaborately on the assurance of our Lord Almighty to be with each one of the children in time of success and in times of failure. He also recognized the role that the parents play in the lives of their children, the expectations that they hold for their children and the duty of the children to their family and to their community. He also counseled the children to accept God’s will in their lives and to be content and grateful for the things that they posses. He also guided the children to make use of their talents and their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. He also shared the example of the sparrows in the sky who do not worry of their tomorrow, whilst leaving everything in the hands of our Lord Almighty.

The children attentively listed to the guidance provided by Rev Stanley, and also positively reciprocated with one another. After tea break, Dr. Prof. (Mrs) Nalina Jeyaseelan a well renowned person with immense experience among children elaborately and interactively spoke on the real situations that exists in the Projects and in their homes, the positive behavior and the response of the children to these situations were also communicated in an interactive session. Children also widely accepted the principle ‘I’m Okay , You’re Okay’, and shared many experiences through which they learnt about their adaptive behavior with the situations faced in their daily lives, especially during the examination period. She also shared some of the life stories of great personalities who overcame their fear and disabilities to reach great heights. She also quoted various Biblical references through which one can learn about overcoming defeat and handling success, with humility and gratefulness. The children really enjoyed the session and were very positive in their feedback during the close of the session. Thereafter, Mr. Joshua Kenneth, the Programme Executive from CSIBCC, Bangalore also highlighted the dedicated services of the foster parents and their expectations form the Projects, in moulding children to become faithful and contributive members of their communities. He also spoke about overcoming defeat and to face life’s challenges boldly and fairly.

And towards the close of the programme, Mr. Jeyraj – Project In-charge from Dr. Christdhas Home for Children, Colachel shared with the children that ‘Fear of the Lord, is the beginning of wisdom’. He also recapped the sessions and the important lessons that was learnt during the day. Rev. Stanley Raj also briefly assisted the children to prepare Long Term and Short Term plan to ensure that they cover all the lessons / syllabus in time. He also gave a number of inputs on how to study and on time management.

The session came to a close with the prayer by Rev. Stanley Raj, after which the children had time to share with other children from other Projects. The socialized and played together in the open space in the Project.

The Programme has learnt from the children and staff were very apt for the current situation that exists in the minds of children appearing for the examinations. The stress and the tension that they are put into in the School, due to the expectations from their teachers and their parents often make the children nervous and anxious of the exams. This time of motivation and encouragement that was provided through the Programme instilled in them a sense of hope into the future.