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Student Chaplaincy Ministry - Personal Testimony by Mr. Vineeth Kumar, at CSIIT Hyderabad
Monday, Feb 26, 2018

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Role of Chaplain:

The main function of the chaplain is to help Students engage with their spirituality and faith. Most of the chaplains have student groups that include some combination of fellowship groups. These groups are a good way to explore some of the 'big questions' of life as well as just have some fun. School chaplains must be able to provide support for a range of day to day matters affecting the school, community and communicate effectively with a diverse group of people. Hyderabad is a the capital of Telangana with the population of 7.7million and it is one of the fastest developing metropolitan cities in India. there are many people who migrate to Hyderabad from different parts of the country for education and for jobs. As Hyderabad is known as the land of nawabs and due to fast development, Hyderabad blends with all the cultures, traditions and languages. As a student Chaplain, a very important aspect is to help and support students through their highs and lows of the journey of life.


MITHRA program through Synod Youth Department has enabled me to learn the skills that are required to be an effective student chaplain. It has also helped me to look into the specific needs of migrant student community who study in our institutions.


Chaplaincy in CSIIT

As a Chaplain, my job is to monitor, identify, and guide the students. I interact with migrated students and also local resident students on a daily basis and discuss their problems. I give few suggestions. wherever possible. I have one on one interactive session with students. As of 2017, there are equal share of highs and lows in students lives as students have spiritual and social problems. I help the students to have a good self belief amongst themselves and thus in turn have a great relationship with the society. As a chaplain, I not only counsel the students when required but interact with them on a daily basis outside their class hours. I involve myself in their student activities such as organizing of programs, seminars, tours and extra fests. I also play games and sports with the students to know their deeper problems as not many share themselves on a formal platform. I work closely with the student advisor of the college in tackling the problems of students. The student Advisor looks after the academic part of the students problems and I make sure the students don't have any problems with their spiritual or psychological aspects. Thus as a team in the college, we work hard in making the students feel wanted and comfortable in the atmosphere they are in.