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Student Chaplaincy Ministry - Testimony by Rev. John Nischal
Monday, Feb 26, 2018

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MITHRA stands for ‘Migrant Intervention Towards Holistic Responsive-Action.’ MITHRA is basically designed for the college students who are studying away from their homes for better education and livelihood opportunities. MITHRA identifies such migrant students and gives orientation on how to cope up with the unfamiliar situations related to language, culture, spirituality and so on and thereby it creates a new home for those who are away from their home.

The basic intention of this programme is to strengthen the mission among the students belonging to CSI educational institutions by addressing the needs of the student community such as values, norms, beliefs, traditions, social grouping, language, living habits, communication patterns, customs, rituals, ethic, religious, faith issues and so on.

As a Youth Director of the CSI Rayalaseema Diocese, Chaplain of the CSI Campbell Hospital, and a Pastoral Counsellor, MITHRA enhanced my Pastoral Care and Counselling skills such as empathetic listening, interpreting, supportive, probing, understanding, responding, nurturing, guiding, reconciling and so on. MITHRA helped me in redefining the role of a chaplain in dealing with the challenges related to religious, cultural, faith issues, interpersonal relationships and developmental issues. Diversity of chaplaincy ministry in connection with leadership, discipleship, homophobia and so on helped me to facilitate the holistic development of migrant students in terms of responsibility, accountability, transparent living and spiritual formation.

MITHRA enabled me to improve ‘reparative function,’ (as suggested by Howard Clinebell) which aims in dealing with the people when their growth pattern is seriously damaged or blocked by the crisis. ZITHRA elevated my cognitive capacity to analyze the problems of the migrant students with a positive behavioral response, which in fact focuses on rational and irrational beliefs. And this helps the migrant students to recognize the irrational beliefs which are  disturbing his/her thinking and dispute it with rational alternative and thereby they can modify their thinking and experience newness in life. MITHRA helped me to engage in guiding the migrant students to cope with the new situations and to make wise decisions or to handle their problems constructively.

Rev.Ch. John Nischal Kumar
B.Com., B.D., M.A., M.Th.
Presbyter In-Charge: Jammalamadugu Jubilee Rural Pastorate
Chaplain: CSI Campbell Hospital
Youth Director: CSI Rayalaseema Diocese