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Youth DARE to DREAM begins... to Discern Radical Engagements amidst Missional Congregations
Tuesday, Mar 06, 2018

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In facilitating the spirit of volunteering and learning, the Youth Department of the Church of South
India Synod under its initiative named, Youth DARE to DREAM, has sent two young volunteers into
the Kurathikudy, a mission centre amidst the adivasi settlement in the forest and MDCMS high
school girl’s hostel in Challamattom mission fields of East Kerala Diocese for a period of 25 days.
Mr. Immanuel from Thootukudi Nazareth Diocese and Ms. Janet from Karnataka Central Diocese
have taken this bold step in leaving their comfort zones treading to an unknown place to live with an
unknown people and to experience the realities of life around them in a different context. The stay
and exposure in these mission fields is planned to deepen the commitment of the youth in defining
discipleship and paving way for a radical engagement amidst missional congregations

The orientation for this 25 days ecumenical formation and exposure was held at the CSI Synod
centre in Chennai on the 5 th march 2018. They are expected to return back to the synod with rich
experiences and stories of the people for a review at the end of this month. The Synod Youth
Department wishes to thank the Bishop and the people of East Kerala Diocese for enabling these
youngsters to experience their hospitality and shaping their lives.

The Officers of the Synod along with the Department of the Youth wishes them a time of fruitful
learning and living at the mission fields of East Kerala Diocese.
The Synod Youth Department through this initiative DARES the youth of CSI to DREAM a just and
inclusive church in nurturing the ethos of radical discipleship and engagement in building Christ
communities. Interested young people can approach the Synod youth department for more