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Celebrating Resilience and Courage at the CSI Synod Secretariat on IWD 2018
Thursday, Mar 08, 2018

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Symbols uplifting Women’s wisdom in keeping and nurturing peace; Women’s strength and courage amidst hardship and despite odds; Women’s faith that they lean on and nurture in those around them; and Women’s vision for the earth, formed the core of worship, in the International Women’s Day (IWD)  celebration at CSI Synod Center today. The special worship commemorated this year’s theme “Press For Progress”. The worship introduced the reason this theme was chosen for IWD 2018 in order to press forward to bridge the gender gap prevalent in various spheres of life from our homes to our workspaces and beyond.


Showing our solidarity with women all over the world the congregational song was the UN Women’s song of 2013 which highlights that though we may be different and worlds apart, we are still “One Woman … and we shall Shine” together as we press forward. To help the Synod family reflect on and find ways to involve ourselves in ensuring an end to violence against women, the reflection in the form of readings highlighted stories of violence and resistance to violence both from the Bible and our contemporary context to uplift the resilience and courage of women, especially Dalit women, even in the face of violence. Women staff of the Synod jointly led the worship raising intercessory prayers calling for accountability, involvement and perseverance to press for progress.


The introspective worship ended on a celebratory note with all the women joining in a traditional folk dance called “Kummi” that celebrates the banishing of all the demonic forces, structures and agencies that curtail our lives and welcomes goodness and fullness of life. The complete liturgy can be downloaded at


In commemoration of IWD 2018 and to help the CSI and other faith based NGOs and ecumenical organisations to integrate Gender sensitivity in financial planning & budgeting, a document on Have Budgets,  Financial Planning & Allocation Got Anything To Do With  Gender Equity? has also been prepared and disseminated


Merlin Jochebeth, Glory Thomas & Jessica Richard

Gender Equity Enabling Timetable (GEET) Team


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