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Kerala Regional Missionary Get Together along with Kollam Kottarakkara Diocesan Mission Fest and Bible Convention Held in Christhugiri, Varkkala.
Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018

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Kerala Regional Missionary Get together along with Kollam-Kottarakkara Diocesan Mission Festival and Bible Convention was organized from 6th March to 10th March 2018 at Christhugiri Centre, Varkkala. The Most Rev. Thomas K. Oommen (CSI Moderator and Bishop in CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese) has inaugurated program. The Rt.Rev.Dr.Oommen George( Bishop in Kollam Kottarakkara Diocese), The Rt.Rev. Dharmaraj Rasalam( Bishop in South Kerala Diocese), The Rt. Rev. Dr. K.G. Daniel( Bishop in East Kerala Diocese), The Rt.Rev.B.N. Fenn( Bishop in Cochin Diocese) and Rt.Rev.Dr.Royce Manoj( Bishop in Malabar Diocese) have attended and presided over the program in each day.

Twenty-Six Missionaries were attended in the Kerala Regional Missionary get together those who were from Cochin, East Kerala, Kollam Kottarakkara, Malabar, Madhya Kerala, and South Kerala Dioceses. Apart from Missionaries, Diocesan Mission Directors such as Rev. Jacob George(MKD), Rev.Daniel Shobhankumar(Malabar), Rev.V.S. Francis(EKD), Rev. Dr. Prinstone Ben(SKD) and Rev.M. Franklin(KKD) have attended the program and rendered commendable leadership to the Missionary Get Together along with Rev.Maxcin John (Synod Mission Director).

The Program was a creative and constructive venue to learn and listen each other and all were inspired by the Kollam Kottarakkara Diocesan Mission Fest and Bible Convention in which thousands of Diocesan people were attended enthusiastically and reputed convention preachers have delivered Word of God in a most powerful and touching way. Furthermore, Missionaries were really enriched by the Morning Meditations as well as Evening Sharing Sessions which was particularly designed for Kerala Regional Missionary Get together. This Program helped each other to build creative relationship among themselves and to share various Missional strategies to each other.

CSI Synod Mission and Evangelism Department is grateful to Kollam Kottarakara Diocese, especially The Rt.Rev.Dr. Oommen George(Bishop), Rev.Dr.Bhanu Samuel( Vice-Chairman), Mr. Varkey Jacob( Secretary) and Mr. Benedict Raja( Treasurer) for their warm welcome, reception and hospitality rendered to the Missionaries.