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Lenten Missional Get together at CSI Women's Bungalow, Mysore
Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

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Mission and Evangelism Department, CSI Synod: CSI Synod Mission and Evangelism Department along with National Missionary Society of India(NMSI) conducted a Lenten Missional Get together on 15th to 16th March 2018 at CSI Women's Bungalow, Mysore. NMSI General Secretary Rev. Christopher Vijayan has organized eight people including pastors and Evangelist from Kanyakumari to participate in this get together.
It was the peculiar time to learn and listen together as well as to share the Missional Concerns.
Department is grateful to Rev. Christopher Vijayan for his leadership as well as for organizing the team.
Reported by
Rev.Maxcin John
Director, Mission and Evangelism Department, CSI Synod