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NCCI Calls Applications for the Post of General Secretary
Friday, Apr 27, 2018

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National Council of Churches in India with its Head Quarters in Nagpur invites application for the post of General Secretary

The National Council of Churches in India is autonomous and inter-confessional comprising Churches, Regional Christian Councils, all India Christian Organizations and Related Agencies. The Council is the primary ecumenical expression in India, which embraces, promotes and co-ordinates the various forms of the Church’s ministry, to the wider community and society. As such it brings together the churches and other Christian organizations for mutual consultation, assistance and action in all matters related to Christian endeavour.

Basic Roles and Responsibilities of the General Secretary:
The General Secretary as Chief Functionary of the Council shall be responsible to the Assembly, General Body and Executive Committee, to implement the policies and programmes of the Council in association with other Secretaries.

The General Secretary shall:
i. Have responsibility for general administration of the organization and the Secretariat

ii. Supervise and coordinate the work of the Secretaries and Office Staff

iii. Maintain liaison with the constituent member bodies of the Council and other bodies

iv. Mobilization of resources and control on programme expenditure in relation to the budget

v. Perform all such other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Committee and the General Body

vi. Have vote in the Assembly, General Body, Executive Committee, Office Bearers

Committee, Finance Committee, Working Committee and be an ex-officio member in other committees.

vii. Conduct all affairs of the Council as its legal representative and be the person to sue or to be sued

viii. As Chief Executive Officer of the NCCI and Head of the staff, the General Secretary shall have the responsibility of developing and interpreting the strategic vision of the NCCI consistent with its objectives, the mandates of the assemblies during which he or she serves and in consultation with its officers and governing bodies.

ix. Consistent with the Constitution and Rules of the NCCI and Indian law, the General Secretary shall assemble staff and advisors qualified and mandated to develop and implement NCCI programmes and objectives as approved.

x. Together with NCCI Presidium and Executive Secretaries, the General Secretary will listen to, gather, analyze, interpret and respond to the changing religious, cultural, social, political economical and global context, and the changing ecclesial and ecumenical context, as these affect the member churches, the fellowship of churches and ecumenical movement.

xi. The General Secretary will represent the NCCI as the privileged instrument of the ecumenical movement, interpreting the NCCI to the member churches, ecumenical and other partners, secular bodies and government authorities.


Age Requirement:
The candidate should be between 50 and 55 years of age.

Term of Appointment :
The term is for 5 years; renewable according to performance

Qualifications Required:
a. A Postgraduate in Any Discipline with a minimum theological qualification of B.D.

b. An ordained Person with a good standing among the member churches of the N.C.C.I., recommended and endorsed by the apex body of his/her own church.

c. Experience in Ecumenical Movements with a clear ecumenical vision, preferably having relationship with global ecumenical bodies.

d. A person with leadership and team management skills.

e. A person with financial management skills with administrative and

financial management experience of a minimum of five years.

f. Excellent proficiency in English

Salary: The existing salary scale is:
32400 – 1200- 38,400 – 1440 – 45,600 – 1680 – 54,000 – 1920 – 63,600 – 2160 – 74,400 – 2400 – 86,400 The other permissible allowances will continue as per the rules.

Applications: The application should be addressed to the President of the NCCI. The applicant should send the hard and soft copies of the application along with the relevant documents including an endorsement from the NCCI Member Churches of which he/she is the member, to the following address on or before 30th June 2018:

The Most Rev. Dr. P.C. Singh

President, National Council of Churches in India 2131, Napier Town, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482001