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Karnataka Regional Missionary Conference in Dharward
Sunday, Apr 29, 2018

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On behalf of Mission and Evangelism Department- CSI Synod, Karnataka Regional Missionary Conference was organized at RLTC, All Saint’s Church Compound, Dharward in Karnataka Northern Diocese on 26th to 27th April 2018. The Rt.Rev. Ravikumar J. Niranjan, Bishop in Karnataka Northern Diocese has inaugurated the Conference. Rev.Vincent Vinod Kumar (Karnataka Central Diocese) has delivered the Key Note Address on the Conference Theme: “Equipping Missionaries Towards Building Christ Communities”. Following to the Key Note Address, there was an interactive as well as action planning session conducted by Rev. Vincent Vinod Kumar on the theme.

Rev. Solomon Paul (Director, Youth Department CSI Synod) has led a class on “Equipping Missionaries towards Building Christ Communities: Youth Perspectives” and Rev. Dr. L. Jayachithra (Director, Christian Education Department, CSI Synod) has led both Bible Study and Class on Equipping Missionaries towards Building Christ Communities in Children Perspectives. All resource persons have encouraged the participants to actively participate in the Mission of God in their own living context.

There was Diocesan level group discussions and presentations in connection to each class those have helped the participants to prepare action-plans according to their Diocesan Context and helped them to share and listen each other in doing Mission. The participants were also actively participated in Cultural Presentations in which they could able to encourage and mingle with each other in Missional Context.

The Morning and the Evening Worships were led by each Dioceses of Karnataka Region which was enriched by singing and prayers. There was a Mission Exposure Visit to the historical places in Dharwad. The participants have visited the Basel Mission Hebich Memorial CSI Church as well as Cemetery which is specially dedicated for Missionaries where participants have offered flowers in loving memories of Missionaries. Participants also have visited the statue of German Missionary Rev.Dr.Ferdinand Kittel who has rendered  commendable contribution to the Kannada Literature and thereafter, visited the University Campus of Karnataka University at Dharwad.

 There were sixty participants who have attended in Karnataka Regional Missionary Conference from each Diocese such as Karnataka Southern, Karnataka Central and Karnataka Northern Diocese. All were actively participated in the Conference and enriched and rejuvenated with innovative insights and plans for the Glory of God.

Karnataka Regional Missionary Conference were remarkably hosted by Karnataka Northern Diocese. They have considered it as their own event and made all possible and excellent arrangements out of their best level in order to make the conference success and blessed one. All arrangements including food, accommodation, hospitality, reception and all other services was always commendable. They have accomplished it through a concrete and creative Team Work in most humble, simple and service mentality.

Department is proud enough about Karnataka Northern Diocese for their ever-memorable hosting, especially,  grateful to Rt.Rev. Ravikumar J Niranjan(Bishop), Rev.Hanna Niranjan (Bishop Amma), Dr. Immanuel S. Malekar (KND Diocesan Secretary), Rev. D.S. Honnaikar (Associate Secretary, KND), Rev.Samuel Calvin (Associate Treasurer, KND) and special thanks to Dr. Kamal Dhavale(CSI College Principal, Dharwad) and Mr. Dhiwakar Dhavale( Artist and Designer) for their support to the Conference. Again, grateful to Rev. Mosses and Mr. Anup for coordinating praise and worship in blessed way for the Conference.

The Service of KND staffs are always commendable. Department would like to thankfully acknowledge Simon, Robert, Anup, Janet, Bhasker, Anil and Joseph those who were worked together as strong team under the leadership of Dr. Immanuel S. Malekar. They all were really responsible, sincere and committed for the Conference and everything rendered in most humble and simple approach and attitude. All participants have really appreciated the smiley face of hosts by which they were always available and approachable in each and every moment of the conference.

Karnataka Regional Missionary Conference was the avenue and opportunity to be equipped and rejuvenated in order to build Christ Communities. All participants have rededicated themselves in order to engage in doing Mission more actively for the glory of God and for the well-being of all people.


Reported by

Rev.Maxcin John

Director, department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod.