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Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) focusses on disability during Asia Sunday 13th May 2018
Wednesday, May 02, 2018

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Embracing the Diff erently Abled,
and Upholding Their Dignity
“His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents,
that he was born blind?”
“Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus,
“but this happened so that the work of God might be
displayed in his life.” (John 9:2-3)
“Three ti mes I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me.
But he said to me, “My grace is suffi cient for you, for my power is
made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12: 8-9)
Asia Sunday is observed every year on the Sunday before Pentecost,
and it coincides with the founding of the Christi an Conference of Asia.
Asia Sunday celebrati ons focus on parti cular themes every year. This
special occasion reminds member churches and councils as well as
churches and ecumenical partners around the world to off er special
prayers and organise worship services as part of the observance of Asia
Sunday. In 2018, it falls on 13th May, but as usual, churches and councils
are free to choose a date, as per their convenience, to observe Asia
Sunday in respecti ve of local or nati onal contexts.




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