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Migrants’ Intervention towards Holistic Responsive- Action, (MITHRA) inspires the youth to Educate and Engage with the Migrant Brick Kiln workers Children this summer
Wednesday, May 02, 2018

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Vishwa, Pravalika, Akhil and Pramod, four youngsters from CSI Karimnagar Diocese have exited their comfort zones travelling and staying in Gummudi Poondi for a period of 12 days to educate and engage the children of the migrant workers from North India.

This program is jointly organised by the Synod Youth Department in association with The Jesuit Migrant Ministry in Chennai. Around 12 young volunteers are spending their time and energy to focus on building the self esteem of these children engaging with them through various games and activities.

The youth representing the Church of South India in this noble venture, opine that the life situations of these migrant children have sensitized them about their struggles in a situation of poverty and structural injustice. They also opine that amidst their struggles of life, the laughter and the naughtiness of the children inspires them to add meaning to their lives.

They deem this a special opportunity as they also get to meet the other young people from Loyola College, Chennai in sharing fruitful conversations about culture, language, mission and issues of young people in their own context.

This program is aimed to equip the Migrant children with various social skills to enhance their quality of life and to motivate them in their struggle towards better education.

The Synod Youth Department thanks and appreciates these Young people from Karimnagar Diocese for offering themselves for this cause. Sincere thanks to the Bishop of Karimnagar Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr. Rueben Mark for encouraging and sending these youngsters. Thanks to Rev. S. Dinakaran, Presbyter In-Charge of CSI Gummudipoondi pastorate and the Catechist Mr. Edward for all the local arrangements and hospitality in making the stay of our young people a comfortable and memorable one.