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Thursday, May 03, 2018

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The Programme:

Two days workshop was organised on the 27th and 28th of April 2018  for the Child Care Workers of EMS supported Projects in Kerala. The programme was held at CSI Bethania Students Home, Kannur. There were 7 child care workers who participated in this workshop representing 3 projects.

The main purpose of the workshop:

*      To understand the programme Implementation.

*      To emphasis on stewardship in finance and program management.

*      To study and learn about new trends/new perspectives in child care.

*      To enable, empower and to identify the needs of the children in the project.

*      To develop qualitative and quantitative  result based approach.

*      Providing opportunities for the children in identifying their talents and developing their leadership skills. 


The Program was started with a welcome note by Ms.Sowmini, Programme Executive  and the morning devotion was led by Mr. Prashanth Solomon and Message  highlighted  the responsibility we have in the child care ministry. After Coffee break the session started with introduction about the child care workers and expectations of the workshop, purpose  and the emerging trends and new perspectives of the workshop. Then Ms.Sowmini  explained about EMS Mission and objectives and principles. After which Mr. Prashanth Solomon handled the session from 11:30AM to 1:00PM on Documentation and Effective Communication. Some of the important highlights of this session were as follows.

§  Importance of Documentation

§  Deadlines to submit  various documents

§  Records/Registers to be kept in the project

§  New Project Nos and No of Children of the respective projects

§  How to prepare Effective reports

§  Planning activity, Programme Proposal and Evaluation documents were explained to them.

After Lunch break (1:00 to 2:00 pm) Ms. Sowmini spoke on the Team Building and  & Importance of Team in the Project and how to build a team among children.   In the beginning of the session a small group activity on team building was conducted which is called“Word Building “. In this activity, the participants had to form a sentence in given time and build the word and the sentence with a team member.

Some of the important highlights of this session on team building were:

§  Create a Story with the picture given on  Team Building

§  Why we need a team

§  What kind of team are we

§  Examples of Team and how do they win

§  Difference between Team work, Team Player and Team Building

§  Why should we be in a team

§  Important stages of a team

§  Importance of Team Morale

§  Team Work Video was shown and asked for learnings 

§  Important Teamwork Skills to develop

Finally, this session was concluded with sharing a thought on teamwork that is “ministry of working together” and team work makes the “Dream work” was quoted in this session.

The last session was handled by Mr. Prashanth Solomon,who shared  information on Programme Implementation /Result Based Approach till 5:00PM. It was an interactive session. Everyone participated in this session.  Some of the important highlights of this session were as follows:

§  Why we need Child Care

§  Statistics of Children

§  10 areas of programme Implementation – (Result Based) was also explained and the groups made presentations on the possible activities under some of the sub-objectives

§  Sustainable Development Goals.


On the second day the workshop  started with morning devotion by Ms.Sowmini  who shared the word of God and highlighted 5 important points on Trust and how to build trust in this child care ministry from the scriptures. With this thought the second day session started with recap. All the child care workers were given time to share  and we had a coffee break from 10:30 to 10:45.

After the break Mr. Prashanth Solomon handled the session on Effective Project management and some of the subjects covered in this session were

  • Importance of Local Management Committee
  • Staff support
  • Networking
  • Qualities of a Successful Leader
  • Vision, Passion and Synergy leading to desired results

From 12:15 to 1:30 PM the session was on Connecting with children shared by Ms.Sowmini and some of the key points were:

  • An activity was conducted during this session about “Imagine A Child “
  • Full Abbreviation of Connect was explained
  • Anticipating problems /Addressing the problems of children
  • Why we need to connect with children
  • How we need to Connect
  • Ways of Connecting with children – Hand, Verbal and Non Verbal , Facial Expressions etc..
  • 5 important ways to connect with children
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Infant Talk with children
  • Activity: To understand about four concepts of Self, Hidden, Blind and Openness .

We had a break for Lunch from (1:00 to 2:00pm), After lunch from 2:00 to 3:00pm Ms. Sowmini  took session on Child Protection Policy and it was a interactive session.

The last session was on Resource Mobilization by Mr. Prashanth Solomon and the resource person stressed upon the importance of Mobilizing the Resources .

Important Highlights of this session:

  • What is Resource Mobilization
  • Why we need Resource Mobilization
  • Various Challenges
  • Important tips to follow in resource mobilization
  • Three essential Quality for a efficient Fund raiser.

Learnings’ from the workshop by the participants:

  • Holistic Development of Children
  • Interactive Sessions made all to participate
  • Emerging Trends as a new learning
  • Identify the need of children and accept the children and respond to the need
  • Good Values to teach to children
  • Understanding about SWOT: About Children, Staff and Project
  • Child Protection policy & related Activities
  • Problem Solving Issues – Process was discussed
  • Connecting with Children – Self, Blind, Hidden, Open
  • Sharing about the knowledge about the Status of children and Understanding about the children
  • Effective Project Management – Qualities of a Leader
  • Overall the workshop was helpful in gathering  information/building knowledge and it was a learning experience to grow and develop in this child care ministry with a future focus.

Evaluation of the Trainers:

The feedback and evaluation about the trainers were positive and the content was understandable for all the participants. Both the trainers were reciprocative and made them to participate actively in every sessions.

Outcome of the two days’ workshop shared by the participants

  • The EMS Staff developed leadership Qualities
  • The workshop has created an impact on the staff with a focus on overall development.
  • The Emerging trends, programs, capacitated the staff  and they would be practicing the same in their field work. 
  • The  workshop can help the project in developing better programme implementation and project management.
  • This workshop was an eye opener to build a team and to know each others  challenges and understand and grow together.
  • The workshop also created a platform to understand the SWOT analysis of each project.
  • The  workshop also has helped to encourage the staff to work with integrity  and adhere to the Child Protection Policy.

Suggestions from the trainees :

  • To conduct more meeting/workshop/trainings in coming days.

Conclusion :

 The workshop concluded with collective feedback from participants and with Devotion by Rev. Trevor,the local Pastor who shared the word of God about the Authority to Serve and to do it with accountability.

The  two days workshop was well organised, and all the participants involved themselves in this workshop and learnt important subjects. All the participants took initiative in every part of the session and involvement, and team work was seen in this workshop.

I take this opportunity to thank the Bishop, Project co ordinator,  Diocesan Authorities, Child Care Workers, who attended the workshop. Special thanks to Mrs. Pushpa and other staff for arranging good hospitality and for all the support extended to us.