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Rohingya Refugee Crisis becomes Negation of Humanity as well as Negation of God
Monday, May 28, 2018

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As a part of CWM 2018: South Asian Regional Assembly on 21st to 26th May 2018 at Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh, Church of South India had taken part in an exposure Visit to the Rohingya Refugee Camp at Kutupalong in Cox’s Bazaar of Bangladesh. It was an eye-opening as well as heart-breaking visit where the Team could able to identify the Rohingya Refugee Problem as bare violation of Human Rights as well as clear negation of humanity as well as negation of God. More than 1.1 Million are struggling to live and fighting for basic needs including food and drink. Even though there are commendable attempts from Bangladesh Government as well as UN-UNICEF and other NGOs such as World Vision, people are really suffering out of the visible lack of proper shelter, sanitation, food and drink. They don’t have access to the education and health care systems. People including visible majority of Children and Youth are struggling than anything.

It is the right hour for the Church to raise her prophetic voice against the crisis as well as work together to awake the political consciousness to settle the issue in most healthy as well as sustainable way as early as possible. Meantime, it is the moral responsibility of the church to share her available and possible resources to help the victims. All supports, and help must be beyond of mere sympathy, rather, must be empathetical intervention and engagements with the crisis for the sustainable development. Only through the joint effort as well as political interference, the Rohingya issue could able to be solved.

It is commendable as well as remarkable that Church of South India is doing creative and constructive engagements through the Department of Youth with Rohingya Refugees those who are camped in Chennai premises.


Reported by

Rev.Maxcin John

Director, Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod.