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CSI Kerala regional Youth Movement Annual Report for the year 2017-18
Tuesday, Jun 05, 2018

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‘The CSI Kerala Regional Youth Movement’ (KRYM) is the Joint Forum of the Youth Departments
of the Six Dioceses in Kerala viz., the Malabar Diocese (MD), the Cochin Diocese (CD), the Madhya Kerala Diocese (MKD), the East Kerala Diocese (EKD), the Kollam Kottarakkara Diocese (KKD) and the South Kerala Diocese (SKD); spanning from the North to the South. A Committee chaired by a Bishop
comprising of a Vice Chairman, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer is constituted every year to plan and carry out the activities in the Region. The committee for the year 2017-18 was formed during the Regional Assembly which was held in Palakkad in the Malabar Diocese in May 2017, with Rt. Rev. Dr. Royce Manoj Victor (MD) as Chairman, Rev. Liju Abraham (EKD) as Vice Chairman, Mr. Binal Sathyadasan (MD) as Secretary, Ms. Kesiya Justin (KKD) as Joint Secretary and Mr. Roy Thomas (MKD) as Treasurer. In addition to the office bearers, two Diocesan Youth officials and two youth members were nominated to the Executive committee while five other youths were nominated to the General Committee, from each diocese. During the report year, the General Committee met once, while the Executive Committee met four times, to discuss and take decisions on the various programmes for the year.

Activities Conducted during the year 2017-18:
1. Quiz and Short Film Competition:
In November 2017, the Regional Quiz and Shortfilm competition was organized at the Craven
LMS High School in Kollam under Kollam-Kottarakkara Diocese. Rev. Bhanu Samuel, the Vice Chairman of Kollam Kottarakkara Diocese inaugurated the event. Eleven teams comprising of three members each, participated in the quiz which was conducted by Mr. Shal Soman from Trivandrum. The team from Malabar Diocese won the Quiz competition followed by South Kerala and East Kerala Diocesan teams in second and third positions. The Short film competition was conducted based on the theme ‘Hunger’. Six entries from the various Dioceses were screened and judged by a panel consisting of renowned persons in the film and media field. The short film titled “Innu Muthal” from Madhya Kerala Diocese grabbed the first prize while “Heist” from Kollam Kottarakkara Diocese and “Hunger vs Hunger” from East Kerala Diocese bagged the second and third prizes.

2. Work Camp:
In February, a Work Camp was organized at the outstation of the East Kerala Diocese at the
Kurathikudi tribal settlement in the Neriyamangalam forest range. The objective of the camp was to
clear a path through the forest, for use by the local residents. Around 60 youths from the six Dioceses
came together to accomplish this task. The Camp was inaugurated by Rt. Rev. K.G. Daniel, Bishop in East Kerala Diocese, who also joined us in the work. After two days of combined effort, by moving earth, breaking rocks and bringing down a few standing trees, a path wide enough for easy travel in a jeep was constructed. This will give easy access to the local residents to reach the nearest town and also for
transportation of provisions and other materials.

3. Kalamela (Arts Meet):
The Arts Meet or Kalamela, portraying the best talents in Kerala was organized at the CSI
Cathedral in Kozhikode under the Malabar Diocese. Around 250 youth members from the six dioceses
competed in the 35 events conducted in the meet. Rt. Rev. Dr. Royce Manoj Victor Thirumeni (MD) the
KRYM Chairman, inaugurated the Kalamela. The events conducted were, Church Music, Light Music,
Classical Music, Quartet, Octet and Group Song coming under the Songs category; Guitar, Church Organ,
Violin, Mouth Organ, Recorder, Harmonium, Tabala, Mridangam, Triple Drum and Jazz Drums coming
under the Instrumental Music category; Mimicry, Monoact, Fancy Dress, Mime and Tableau, under the
Theatre category and Essay Writing, Elocution, Story Writing, Poetry, Pencil Drawing, Water Colouring
and Cartoon, categorized under the Literature category. In the neck-to-neck competition, the Cochin
Diocese emerged overall Champions followed by the South Kerala Diocese and the Malabar Diocese as
first and second Runners up.

4. Leaders Training Camp:
A two day Leaders Training camp was organized at the Eden Eco-spirituality centre at Othara in
Chengannur, coming under the Madhya Kerala Diocese, in March 2018, with the support of the CSI
Synod Youth Department. Rt. Rev. Dr. K.G. Daniel (EKD) inaugurated the Camp. 60 youth members who are holding the various leadership positions in the Dioceses, came together to fine tune their leadership skills. The sessions, based on the theme “Youth Discipleship in the context of Empire”, were led by Rev.Dr. David Joy (UTC), Rev. Dr. Shiby Varghese, Mr. Siju Jose Alancheri and Dr. Prof. George Varghese.

5. Regional Tour:
A two day tour to Goa was also organized in March. The food and accommodation was arranged
at the Retreat Centre of the CSI Malabar Diocese at Ponda. The youths visited the Bom Jesus Basilica,
the Big Foot Museum, the Calangute and Colva Beaches and also enjoyed the Dolphin boating and
Cruise boating rides.

6. Sports Meet (Kayikamela):
The Sports Meet of the Kerala Regional Youth Movement was organized at the Central Stadium
in Trivandrum, hosted by the South Kerala Diocese in April 2018. Competitions were conducted in Sprint (100m, 200m, 400m, 1500 m and 4X100 Relay), Chess, Caroms, Badminton, Cricket and Volleyball. Around 150 youths from the six dioceses participated in the various events. The South Kerala Diocesan Team and the East Kerala Diocesan team won the Cricket and Volleyball competitions. The South Kerala Diocese emerged the overall champions followed by the Cochin Diocese and East Kerala Diocese in second and third places.

7. Regional Assembly:
The Regional Assembly for the year 2017-18 was held at the All Saints CSI Church in Thrissur
under Cochin Diocese. Mar Aprem Bishop of the Chaldean Syrian Church inaugurated the Assembly. The theme for this year was “Living God, Renew & Transform us”. Rev .Dr. Shinoj Boas and His Grace
Yuhanon Mar Meletius of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, led the main sessions based on the
theme. The theme was further divided into six different perspectives viz socio-political, feminist,
ecological, cultural, post-modern and subaltern, and presentations made by delegates from the six
dioceses. Rt. Rev. Dr. Royce Manoj Thirumeni led the Divine Holy communion service on the final day. In the Business meeting, the new committee for the year 2018-19 was declared, to carry out the future
activities for the year.
The Regional Committee for the year 2017-18 worked actively during the year and was able to
conduct programmes in all the Six Dioceses in Kerala. This was possible only because of the support and guidance of all the Bishops and their respective Youth Departments in Kerala. I place my sincere thanks to the the Rt. Rev. Dr. Royce Manoj Thirumeni and to the Synod Youth Department, especially to Rev. Solomon Paul, for their support and cooperation throughout the year. May the Gracious Lord, guide and bless the new committee to carry out its activities in the best possible way.

Mr. Binal Sathyadasan,
Secretary, KRYM 2017-18