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Church of South India enhances the Mission from the Margin
Monday, Jun 25, 2018

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As a great Missionary Church, Church of South India enhances the Mission from the Margin through radical engagement and accompaniment with the grassroots towards the transformational discipleship. Kadiri Mission in Rayalaseema Diocese is one of the apt examples of such transformation. People from the Margin voluntarily becoming as disciples of Christ and then serving as the channels of holistic transformation in their own living circumstances.

CSI Synod Mission and Evangelism Department has engaged in a Missional Exposure along with Rayalaseema Diocese on 17th July 2018 to Nallacheruvu and Burakalakotta Mission Fields and witnessed the Mission from the Margin. Rt.Rev.Dr. B.D. Prasada Rao, Bishop in Rayalaseema Diocese, Rev. Swingly Dhas, Convenor for Andra- Telungana Mission for South Kerala Diocese, Rev. Jiji Stewart, SKD Rayalaseema Mission, Rev. David Naik, Mission Director, Rayalaseema, Rev. Maxcin John, Synod Mission Director, Mrs. Lilly Prasad, and Mr. Joshua Naik, Kadiri Mission and all other Kadiri Missionaries have participated in the exposure.

Mission Exposure in Kadiri brought out rejuvenation as well as recharge in doing mission for the better world towards the realization of the Kingdom of God.

Reported by

Rev.Maxcin John

Director, Mission and Evangelism Department, CSI Synod