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Programme on Enlightened Leadership Training Camp for Adolescent Children
Tuesday, Jun 26, 2018

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Programme on Enlightened Leadership Training Camp for Adolescent Children organised by Church of South India Board of Child Care at Dharwad from 15th to 17th June 2018.



It is with great pleasure that this report is presented as the leadership programme for the adolescent children is conducted after a gap of several years. This is a great achievement for the Karnataka region as the children supported by other KNH and EMS came together for the very first time. This is also the first leadership programme organised by CSI Board of Child Care after it came into being in the year 2016.

The leadership programme was organised from the 15th to 17th of June 2018 at Dharwad. There were 50 children (25 boys and 25 girls ) were drawn from different projects supported by KNH and EMS coming under Karnataka Northern  and Karnataka Southern Diocese of Church of South India.

The purpose of the training :

•      To build leadership skills

•       To enhance and empower the children in their self esteem

•       To aware children about emerging trends

•       This workshop to be participatory workshop

•       To be Rights Based Workshop

•       To be inclusive way

•       To are the children about the gender sensitivity

•       To think about re learning

•       To develop about Attitude and Importance of values of life


Day 1: The programme was inaugurated by the Rt. Rev Ravikumar J.  Niranjan , Bishop of Karnataka Northern Diocese on the 15th of June at 10:00AM in the presence of Gernot Jung Hall. On this occasion important dignitaries were

Rev. Mrs. Hannah Niranjan, Bishop amma

Dr. Immanuel Malekar, Diocesan Secretary

Mr. Prashanth Solomon, Associate Director CSIBCC

Ms.Sowmini , Programme Executive

Mr. Ashok , Chairperson of CWC & MD of KIDS organisation

Mrs. Anupurna ,  District Child Protection Officer, Dharwad

We were all glad to listen to our chief guest message by Rt. Rev Ravikumar J. Niranjan some of the important highlights were

·         The story of King Hezekiah who was faithful to God

·         He ruled for 29 years long years

God blessed him in 3 ways :

God brought success to his life

God provided and restored him with good health and finally

God has chosen him like no other king before and after.


Bishop also quoted from psalm 119:9 How can a young man cleanse his way? By talking heed according to your word. Also quoted from proverb 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Bishop quoted Napoleon Bonaparte who said – Many tried to conquer the world with weapons but its Jesus Christ who tried to conquer it with love and gave an example of a half bent wooden pole on the tomb stone in the century behind the Hebich memorial church in Dharwad. It is kept purposefully there with a message that the missionary yearned to complete his task, but his life spam was short due to illness. In the end he reminded the children about their potential and said that God has chosen each one of them and it is their responsibility to learn, grow and do well.

Mrs. Annapurna, District Child Protection Officer, Dharwad highlighted the responsibility of the children and reminded them to focus alertness at the development of knowledge.

Mr. Ashok, chairperson of Child welfare committee reminded the children of their potential and said that each one is valuable.

Dr. Immanuel Malekar brought greetings and encouraged children to develop leadership qualities for the growth and development. In the end we had group photo session of inaugural programme and the 1st day.

On the first day we had following sessions handled by the following resource persons:


Topics                                                                  Resource Persons

·         Understanding about self & Self Care            Mrs. Pankaja Managing

Status of children in India &                Director, KIDS



·         Jesus Hope of My Life                           Rev. Sunder


·         Effective Communication &                             Mrs. Premalatha Gouder Time Management                                           Retired headmistress



·         Insights on Environmental                               Dr. David Shakoor


Concerns                                                 Retired Scientist

Children visited nearby park and after the visit Dr David took a session on the insights on environmental concerns usage of plastic and how to protect our environment etc.

Day 2: On the second day we had the following session handled by the following resource persons

Topic                                                                    Resource person

Leadership – Qualities of Leader                    Mr.Prashanth Solomon

                                                                              Associate Director, CSIBCC

Servant Leadership                                            Dr. David Shakoor

                                                                              Retired Scientist

Challenges of facing exams                              Dr. David Shakoor

Values of life and Decision Making                Mr. Prashanth Solomon

Goal Setting                                                        Ms.Sowmini, Programme

                                                                              Executive CSIBCC

Career Guidance                                                Mr. Chandra Shekar Murthy

                                                                              Child Care Worker

Quiz was conducted by                                    Ms. Sowmini and Team


Status of Children/Child Rights                     Ms. Sowmini

Child Protection Policy

On the end of the second day we had camp fire conducted in the premises and children performed skits, sang songs and danced.  It was a memorable evening to all of them.

Day 3: On the last day , all the children and staff attended the church service at CSI Hebich memorial church, Dharwad in the morning at 9:00AM. Our children sang two special songs and Mr. Prashanth Solomon shared the word of God in the presence of Bishop of the Diocese and the Director of CSIBCC. Mr. Anil Charles who also brought greetings and highlighted the importance of giving to the welfare of children by Indian Churches. After church we all visited the missionary cemetery just behind church. 

The Validatory function was arranged at 11:30AM with Rt.Rev Ravi Kumar J. Niranjan, Bishop of KND as the Chief Guest and in the presence of

1.      Rev. Mrs. Hannah Niranjan, Bishop Amma

2.      Mr. Anil Kumar Charles, Director CSIBCC

3.      Mr. Prashanth Solomon, Associate Director CSIBCC

4.      Ms. Sowmini, Programme Executive, CSIBCC


The Bishop in his message highlighted the importance of recognising the needs of others as leaders. The Director in his speech encouraged the children to grow well. Learn and stand on their own legs and be confident so that in turn they can contribute to society. All the children received a certificate, memento, a Bible and a Promise card, all of them felt happy. Even donors, church leaders, well-wishers, resource persons, and the child care workers were recognised during the closing function.

There were 4 children who shared their feedback was very encouraging and positive. Everyone wanted this kind of training to be held every year and possible to plan for more days.


·         Qualities of a Leader

·         Understanding about self and self-care

·         Inculcate good values in everyday life

·         Taking right decision in life to build right career

·         Develop listening skills and communication skills

·         Goal –Important Steps to follow

·         Child rights and Child protection policy

·         Difference between suggestion box and child protection officer no

·         Servant leader & qualities of servant leadership

·         Children learnt the methodology of Group work activities

·          Importance of Time management

·         How to face exams  

·         Important steps to follow : Fear of God, Good Charter, Good Relationship, Dynamism, Responsibility and Discipline , Truthfulness, Firm Decision, Cleanliness and Healthcare


To conclude this enlightened leadership training program to enlighten the life’s of the children in developing their skills, abilities, activities, to be self-reliant , to be self- protected, and build self-confidence with help of Gods Light to lead their life by the word of God.

 We thank the Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Ravikumar Niranjan and the entire team of staff and volunteers headed by Mr. Suchith Adagal , Convenor for all their support in making Enlightened Leadership Training Camp a great success. And we recognise the support from resource persons and child care workers and children and other staff for being a backbone if this training program and making it a memorable. We thank for all your team support and team spirit in conducting this program at Karnataka state. We also recognised the support from media and journalist.

The project has raised Rs.68, 300/- as Donation (both in kind and cash) and also  2 Bags of rice worth around Rs. 2, 200/-, Banner and last day’s fellowship lunch was sponsored by well-wishers and donors.



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