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Youth addressing the rights of the elderly at CSI East Kerala Diocese
Wednesday, Aug 01, 2018

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The youth department of CSI Synod in association with CSI East Kerala Youth Movement organized a 1 day orientation and training workshop on “Youth addressing the rights of the elderly” this program was held on 14th July 2018 at the headquarters of the East Kerala. Bishop K. G. Daniel Thirumeni inaugurated this training workshop and commended the youth for looking at the rights of the elderly and their lives closely. He encouraged all the youth leaders of East Kerala diocese to take up this cause as commitment in enabling the youth to become channels of love and hope for the elderly in homes, in the church and community at large.

‘Team 7’ a professional body of counselors that treats, trains, and serve people with different psycho-social ailments were invited to facilitate this workshop. Various inputs on understanding the elderly, communication and group therapy in theory and practice were oriented as a part of this training. The youth were asked to follow a checklist in their own parishes of assessing the needs of the elderly and the kind of assistance that is required.

Rev. Solomon Paul, The Synod Youth Director spoke about the purpose of this project and thanked the East Kerala Diocesan Youth movement for taking this as one of their important campaigns. He remarked that the Body of Christ is incomplete without addressing the needs and the rights of the elderly. He also emphasized on how the young and old can come together and address various concerns related to the community.

At the end of the training the youth leaders committed themselves to address the rights of the elderly through various creative events and programs. The Synod Youth Department has promised further guidance in terms of training to make this campaign more meaningful and realistic.