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Green School Training Program at Medak Diocese held on 3rd October 2018
Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018

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The CSI Synod Department of Ecological Concerns organized a training for  teachers and  clergy  of Medak Diocese on Green School Programme on 3rd October 2018 at  CSI Diocesan Office, Secunderabad.  Rev. U Daniel, Ministerial Secretary of the Diocese inaugurated the training programme.  Bishop A. C . Solomon presided over the programme.  Dr. Mathew Koshy Punnackad ,Hon.Director of Ecological Concerns and Mr. Sharath kumar took classes. Dr.Mathew Koshy Punnackadu  presented the six eco justice principles and the theoretical basis of Green School Programme. Mr.Sharath Kumar explained the significance of GSP and motivated teachers in Telugu to join the GSP audit. Rev. M Jayanand and Ms. Sukanya Prakash coordinated the programme. The total number of participants – Ninetyfour.     All the participants expressed their wonderful experience during the closing session. Following are some of them:

 1. Mrs. M Esther Vijaya Kumari - Learned how the environment affects our health. To live healthily we need a healthy environment. This was very informative. 2. Mrs. Veenagopal - The sessions were interesting, informative about various aspects in the environment which have a purpose for their existence.3. Mrs Elizabeth - I came to know the hidden secrets of ecological disasters. Every part of the session was very useful, informative.4. Rev P Sanders Kumar -  In this program, we learnt the principles of eco & intrinsic values of nature and responsibilities of human beings. As a presbyter, we need to encourage the people. This program helped us to change our attitude and mindset towards the creation.5. Rev P Jeevan Kumar - This program was very excellent. We are thankful to Synod for inviting us to the green school program. We request CSI Synod to conduct some more sessions in our diocese.6. Rev M Vijayakumar - As a pastor, I would like to introduce the eco-concerns studied here in my church.7. Shyamala Kumari – The classes really motivated me and helped me to understand the ecosystem. God created a beautiful world but we are destroying it. Yes, we should protect our water, air, soil and trees.8. Rev T Emmanuel Satyam - We will use the wonderful ideas we got from this training programme in our sermons and do plantation in our church compounds.  9. Mrs Lucy - The sessions were very practical and studied the relationship between the Bible & the environment. The way of teaching was thought-provoking .10. K Hepsheba -We learnt that how everything in the universe is interrelated. It was very useful for us. If we care about nature, nature will care for us.

Prof. Dr.Mathew Koshy Punnackadu

Hon.director, CSI Synod Department of Ecological Concerns