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Green School Training Program at Krishna Godavari Diocese held on 6th October 2018
Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018

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The CSI Synod Department of Ecological Concerns organized a training for  teachers and clergy  of Krishna Godavari on Green School Programme  on 6th October 2018 at All Saints  CSI Church, Vijayawada . Rt. Rev. George Cornelious T. , Bishop  of Krishna Godavai Diocese  inaugurated the programme.  Mr. G. S. Sudhir, Secretary,  Rev. V. I. Rathna Raju, Treasurer  of the diocese and Bishoppamma Mrs. Jashua Kumary offered felicitations. Dr. Mathew Koshy Punnackad ,Hon.Director of Ecological Concerns and Mr. Sharath kumar took classes. They explained the significance of GSP and motivated teachers  and clergy. Rev. EBS Nath ,  Convener of of Ecological Concerns of Krishna Godavari diocese coordinated the programme. The total number of participants- Ninetyfour. All the participants expressed their wonderful experience during the closing session. Following are some of them:

1. N Lydia Hemalatha - The class was  inspiring and motivating . The director sir gave us a valuable message and explained the facts in a very pleasant manner. He explained the significance of the  wonderful creation of God;  wild animals, plants, trees & fields in a very systematic way.2. Mrs. P N P Jyothi - The program was very interesting. The human relation with nature is wonderful. We can know many things from nature when we seek or when we knock .3. P Sudharao - Mathew sir spoke about some chemicals which are very dangerous. He explained the relation between  Bible and ecology. 4. K Sandhya - We want to stop plastic bags and save water and Power. Both the sections were very useful.5. V Suneetha - This program was very much beneficial to us. Surely I'll teach all this things to my friends also.6. B Salini - The morning session was very impressive. I was very much influenced by his speech. I am encouraged to do GSP.7. G Rathakumari - I learnt so many things from this program. How to save nature. I'll try to implement those things in our school. In the second session also I learnt how to maintain diet. It was also good.8. B Naveen – Will implement these programs in our schools . Try to provide awareness to the urban people about the environment because they damaging more comparing to the rural people.9. Rev K Vivekanand - I'm very much impressed and learned new thoughts and learned how to work also. I'll do my level best. 10. Rev K Ashok - we learned so many things apart from Bible & related to Bible . Our churches have a great responsibility to implement this.

Prof. Dr.Mathew Koshy Punnackadu

Hon.director, CSI Synod Department of Ecological Concerns