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"Christmas is the Missional Accompaniment and Embracement with the Grassroots for the Radical transformation" Mission & Evangelism CSI SYNOD NEWS
Thursday, Dec 13, 2018

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Chennai: Synod Mission Department has engaged in Christmas Mission get- together organized by Diocesan Mission Prayer Band (D.M.P.B) in Kanyakumari Diocese at Thottithurai in Salem Dist. on 7th December 2018.  It was the Missional celebration and fellowship by which everybody could able to enjoy, experience and rejuvenate by themselves.

“Christmas is the missional accompaniment and embracement with the grassroots for the radical transformation”, said Rev.Maxcin John during his Christmas Message. It is the time to be with people those who are in most afflicted situations. Our empowering presence will be impactful as well as fruitful for their meaningful and creative development and day to day journeys, he added.

Rev. Justin Devadas, D.M.P. B General Secretary has led the celebration along with Mr. P. Soorya Raj (Treasurer), Rev. Ravi Raj, Rev. S. Godwin Balis, Rev. Donald, Rev.Mayan, Mr. Kingsley, Rev. Justin Raj, Rev. Edwin, Mr. Issac Anandakumar, Mr. Davidson, Mr. Sundradhen, Mr. David Chithiyam, Mrs. Njana Geethu, Mr. Braisil Raj, Rev. Dr. Alias, D.M.P.B Committee Members, Office Staffs, Promotional Work Staffs, Missionaries, Teachers, Medical Missionaries and hostel Missionaries have attended the meeting. One hundred and fifty missionaries have attended.

Reported by

Rev. Maxcin John,
Director of Mission and Evangelism Department,
CSI Synod