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" ‘Kolli Malai’ Transforming as ‘Uyir Malai’ "
Thursday, Dec 13, 2018

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Chennai: Synod Mission Department and Diocesan Missionary Prayer Band (D.M.P.B) jointly organized a Mission Exposure Visits Kolli Hills in Namakkal District in Tamil Nadu on 7th - 9th December 2018.

Kolli Malai is remarked by greenish natural beauties and 70 hair pin curves on the road to Kolli Malai. Innocence of villages, community life, sharing together, coexisting, so on we could visibly experience among the villagers!

There was a dark history regarding the Kolli Malai where natives were suffered from various epidemics and health complications such as malaria and leprosy. Many were died day by day due to the lack of basic health care. Hence, the Kolli Hills were known as ‘mountain of death’. During this period, Rev. Jessamine Brand and Eveline Brand, Baptist Missionaries from England was coming to know about the pathetic situations of the people and they have come to the place and spend their whole life to transform the community. Moreover, Paul Brand son of Jessamine Brand and Eveline Brand also followed the same spirit of his parents and spent his life to the sustainable development of the areas. They started schools, hospitals, fellowship centers for the well being of the inhabitants of Kolli Hills.

A missional legacy laid by the former missionaries is still following by the DMPB Missionaries in their day to day Missional engagements. Therefore, ‘Kolli Malai is transforming as Uyir Malai’ (Mountain of death transforming as Mountain of life).

A Missionary Journey organized through the Kolli Malai was accompanied by Rev. S.Godwin Balis, Mr. Shanmugham, Mr. Rajkumar, Mr. Vighneswar, Mr. Satheesh, Mr. Mayavan and Mr. Peter Ponnusamy . Journey was through Karavally, Thindu, Karaiyankadu, Pallakuzhi, Mel Kalingam, Valapoor and Puliyampatty.

Most obviously, it is identifiable in Kolli Hills that ‘the mission is all about love and compassion for the radical transformation of the society’.

Reported by

Rev.Maxcin John, Director for Mission and Evangelism Department, CSI Synod