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“Mission is Searching, Reaching and Marching with the People!”
Thursday, Dec 13, 2018

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A Missionary Journey was conducted through the Dharmapuri and Vilippuram District on 10th December 2018. Global Mission Society (GMS) in Thothukudy -Nazareth Diocese. Synod Mission Department have jointly visited the Sankarapuram, Marur, Mayyoor and Papirittypatty mission fields.

It was an opportunity to witness the life circumstances of the ordinary village people including tribal like Narikuravar. Though they are talented and potential in many ways, they all are suffering and struggling to lead their every day life. It is inevitable to support them for the time being so that they may able to be developed sustainably and then, they could be able to become the source of blessings. More educational activities, social awareness programs, career guidance, skill developments programs are very much needed in these areas along with sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On this context, Mission is searching, reaching and marching with the people for the radical transformation.

Journey accompanied by Rev. Jesupadam (GMS, GS Tutukudi- Nazareth Diocese), Rev. Ravi and Rev. Dhanasing, Mr. Arputha Raj, Mr. R.Selvaraj, Mr. Anandh Sankar, Mr. Sankar, Mr. Jayaprakash, Mr. Jaypaul, and Mr. Robin from Thoothukudi-Nazareth Diocese .

Reported by

Rev.Maxcin John, Mission and Evangelism Department, CSI Synod.