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Mid-term Seminar for the EYVP volunteers placed in different Project homes managed by Church of South India
Thursday, Mar 14, 2019

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9 young volunteers from Germany who represent the Ecumenical Youth Volunteers Program from the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity met for their mid-term seminar at Henry Martyn Institute, Hyderabad for a period of 6 days to review their experiences and learnings gained from past 6 months in various projects managed by the Church of South India. Ms. Kathrin Lehbrach the EYVP Co-ordinator from EMS was here to facilitate the seminar. Rev. Solomon Paul J, Director of CSI Synod Youth Department were the other resource people. The seminar also included a emersion program for the community development projects by the Henry Martyn Institute, the volunteers were exposed to the projects which built communal harmony and inter-religious dialogue from the grassroots. The seminar also had an in-house worship service with creative activities and symbols that represent the journey of the volunteers in India. The mid-term seminar gave space for mutual enrichment of the volunteers and added encouragement and learning from one another. These volunteers with renewed commitment will go back to their project homes to stay and work for another 6 months before they leave to Germany. Along with these 9 volunteers 4 more volunteers from other ecumenical organizations were also a part of this seminar.