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Soft skills training towards holistic development of Rural Youth in CSI Coimbatore Diocese
Friday, Jun 28, 2019

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The CSI Synod Youth Department in an attempt to enhance the skill sets of rural youth had organised 3 day skill development program in Bishop Appasamy college for the Diocese of Coimbatore from 19th to 21st June 2019.

Appropriate soft skills play an important role in a successful career as well as during social interactions in the society. Today skills are also highly sought after by employers recruiting fresh graduates for their organizations. Often people hold a misconception that soft skills are useful for social interaction and only career advancement. However, skills contribute considerably to academic performance too.

Keeping this is mind the training facilitated by Skill Factory touched on important areas like Team Work, Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Etiquette, Career Building.

On all the three days devotions were held in the morning led by the pastors of Coimbatore Diocese and on the final day the Bishop in Coimbatore Diocese Rt. Rev. Timothy Ravinder was present to assess the learnings gained by the youth during the program.

In his closing address he urged the young people to develop these skills not just for the sake of their own but for the benefit of the others in the society. He encouraged them to develop the value of commitment along with learning skills to progress in life. He pointed the facts of ecological crisis and climate change as bigger problems which we have to face as a community and thus urged the young delegates to prepare themselves appropriately with the skill sets needed to be the change and create the change in this world.

The Synod Youth Department with gratitude thanks the Coimbatore Diocese Bishop and the Officers of the Diocese for making all the arrangements to host this program. Thanks to the Youth Convenor Rev Robinson and the Youth leader Mr. Arul Praveen for the constant support with logistics.

Rev. Solomon Paul
Director, Youth Dept.