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The Participants Demand the Continuity of the Leadership Training Camp
Saturday, Jun 29, 2019

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The final day of the Dalit and Adivasi Women Leadership Training Camp, which was organised by the Dalit and Adivasi Concerns Department of the Church of South India Synod concluded with the discussions on the regional group in which the participants came up with sharp criticism against the caste-based discrimination not only in the Indian society but even within the church. They had pointed out the need of having proper follow up for similar programmes in the regular intervals. The Director of the Dalit and Adivasi Concerns assured that there will be regional level follow up for this leadership training programme.

The day started with the singing in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu, the four regional languages in South India. Rev. Abidhananthar John spoke on “A Critical Approach to the Role of Christian Men on Caste and Gender from Dalit- Adivasi Perspective”. The final session was led by Rev. Nalini Immanuel from the Trichy- Tanjore Diocese of the CSI. She spoke on “Caste and Gender and Dalit-Adivasi Christian women: Problems, Potentials, and Probabilities: A Woman Pastor’s Perspective”

The participants requested for even the diocesan level programmes in a similar style before they dispersed.

Rev. Sunil Raj Philip,
Dalit and Adivasi Concerns Department,
CSI Synod