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Health for Justice for Health affirms Kollam Kottarakara Diocesan Youth Movement
Friday, Jul 26, 2019

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June 26 every year marks an important day internationally as the day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

The Youth against addiction and abuse campaign steered by the CSI Synod youth department has raising echoes of awareness and educative resilience to the menace of addiction and abuse in the society today.

As a commitment to that end the CSI Kollam Kottarakara Diocese Youth Movement took upon its shoulders to build the momentum of raising awareness to the public at the kundara junction on the 26th June evening.

The singing and raising of slogans, the messages and candle light pledge caught the attention of many onlookers and bystanders at the bustling busy traffic circle.

The Assistant subinspector of Police who inaugurated this event called the civic communities to respond and join hands in combating the evil of abuse and trafficking.

Rev Solomon Paul the Synod Youth Director said that we have come down to the streets shouting from street corners because many families are at the streets due to the evilness of drug abuse. He urged that Life is precious and pleading them to choose life.

The evening and the talks by the dignitaries highlighted how this menace affects individuals families, communities and nation at large slowly crippling the entire ethos and value system imbibed in any culture.

Fundamental global pledge of sustainable development goal: "leave no one behind" highlighted the fact of standing in solidarity with those caught in this evil and emphatise with their plight.
The main focus of this year "Health for justice

Justice for health" urged people to look at this issue in a holistic way treating it as a human rights issue, criminal justice issue the responsibility of faith-based and social service institutions along with the law enforcement agencies.

Special thanks to Rev. Rajesh Charles Bishop's secretary, Rev Thomas George Youth coordinator of the Diocese, Rev Jason, Mr. Aneesh Paul the Youth Secretary of KKD Youth Movement and all other youth members and the Nursing college students for organizing this meaning intervention.

Rev. Solomon Paul
Director, Youth Department