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Soft skills training towards holistic development of Rural Youth in CSI Vellore Diocese
Friday, Jul 26, 2019

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The CSI Synod Youth Department in an attempt to enhance the skill sets of rural youth had organised 3 day skill development program in the Diocese of Vellore from 27th to 30th June 2019.

Appropriate soft skills play an important role in a successful career as well as during social interactions in the society. Today skills are also highly sought after by employers recruiting fresh graduates for their organizations. Often people hold a misconception that soft skills are useful for social interaction and only career advancement. However, skills contribute considerably to academic performance too.

Keeping this is mind the training facilitated by Skill Factory touched on important areas like Team Work, Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Etiquette, Career Building.

Rt. Rev. Sharma Nithyanandam the Bishop in Vellore Diocese was present for the closing ceremony of the Skill Enhancement Training Program. This closing ceremony also witnessed the coming together of youth secretaries and treasurers of Vellore Diocese to have a time of interaction with the Bishop and the other young people from the rural areas of Vellore Diocese.

Bishop Rt. Rev. Sharma Nithyanandam challenged the young people to move away from stage managed and show-viz spirituality and look at the realities of people around them. He said young people should be sensitive to the needs and issues faced by people in society and respond to them like Jesus Christ to find meaning for one own living.

A time was given for young people to interact with the Bishop expressing their visions for the church and their life as young people. Many young people took this opportunity to express their views and opinions to which the Bishop gave patient listening and also an active response of encouragement. Finally the closing ceremony came to an end with distribution of certificates to the participants of the Skill Enhancement Training Program.

We thank the Synod Youth Department and our gratitude to the Bishop and Officers of Vellore Diocese and the Youth Department Director in Vellore Diocese Rev. Noel and his team for their meticulous planning and implementation of the workshop.

Rev. Solomon Paul
Director, Youth Department