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Church Music Workshop for Vocalists, Choir conductors and Pianists, at Bangalore
Saturday, Aug 24, 2019

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With an intention to sharpen the music skills of the young musicians and make them learn through ecumenical co-operation through music experts from Germany. A church music workshop was organised by the Department of Youth and Department of Communications in two phases starting from July 30th to 3rd August 2019 in CSI-BCC Bangalore.

This workshop mainly intended to help young musicians and vocalists to attain a greater level of clarity and proficiency in music to be trained in the nuances of modern church music especially voice training and helping them to form as a Choir. 

Rt. Rev. Dr P K Samuel, Bishop in Karnataka Central Diocese inaugurated Church Music Workshop in Bangalore.  During his inaugural address, he spoke about the rich legacy and tradition of Indian Music embedded in the Indian soil and culture as a gift to the world from India. He remarked that all of us created in God's image and likeness ought to sing praises to God. He encouraged the young musicians to go back to their congregations with renewed commitment in music to bring honour to God and healing to the communities.

Rev. Dieter, in-charge of Basel Mission German Branch was also present to share his greetings and participated throughout the music workshop with the young people of CSI. Mrs Hannah Schussler, church music expert from Germany was the main resource person who facilitated this workshop and training the musicians in vocals, choir conducting and technical insights on piano.

The second day started with vocal and physical warm-ups through the first session of each day and explained the importance and use of the same. This was followed by the singing of canons to start with and slowly teaching how harmony should be achieved. The delegates learnt the role of the conductor and how one should follow the instructions. As part of this, Mrs Hannah also taught the art of choir conducting to all the delegates while paying special attention to the choir conductors (present and aspiring). This was very necessary and insightful for the delegates. The choir conductors present in the delegation were also given in-depth training into the movements, positioning and attitude while conducting and following this, they were given a chance to conduct the delegates for a song of their choice. With every day, the delegates learnt to follow the conducting of Mrs Hannah and the conductors improved their techniques. Mrs Hannah had brought along and distributed the music scores for some beautiful songs which were practised and sung by the choir. The end result of the practice and singing was beautiful, to say the least, and the delegates enjoyed themselves while singing in harmony.

During the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to visit St. Mark’s Cathedral for two evenings where they were able to perform with the piano and the pipe organ as accompaniment. After that, the pianists and organists from various churches of our diocese had some insights into playing church music and they had a productive interaction for both the evenings.

The workshop came to a close on the 3rd of August after the delegates and Mrs Hannah performed all the pieces which they had practised to the delight of everyone. Words of commissioning were spoken by Rev. Dieter and Mrs Hannah and Rev. Solomon Paul, Director, Youth department, CSI Synod, thanking each other and bidding adieu after which the workshop closed with a prayer and benediction. This workshop was a revelation to the church about what can be achieved when young people are brought together from various places to sing to the glory of God. This was a time of learning, not only singing and choir conducting but also the means of communicating with God and people through music.