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CWM Asia Youth Initiatives 2019
Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019

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The Council for World Mission(CWM) 2019 Asia Youth Initiatives(AYI) was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 8-13th August 2019 with the theme Healing the future ; hope for tomorrow. It was a cross- regional gathering of young people from 10 member churches of CWM South and East Asia Regions. This initiatives served as a platform for young people from different CWM member churches, to come together to grow and contribute in addressing the challenges in their respective regions, as a process for leadership formation and nurturing.

Myself, Mr. Sathish, Ms. Nancy and Mr. Kenneth represented CSI in CWM AYI 2019. The AYI 2019 provided me with a valuable learning experience. The meeting was characterized by worship, bible study and sessions on impactful topics led by resource persons.

The worship sessions led me closer towards the word of God by reminding to be slow to anger and quick to listen as James exhorts in his Epistle. The study on Good Samaritan ignited us to take initiatives in healing both psychological and physical wounds.

The daily Bible study reflected on,

  • how bible stands against racism
  • to help the ones in need 
  • Prayer as the only way to communicate with God.
  •  Humans are irreplaceable as we are made in the image of God.
  • Dire need for fulfilling our moral responsibility while building technology.

The topical sessions on,

  • Youth and empire gave us a different perspective on looking at the hidden message of god’s word.
  • Youth and racism enlightened us –“racism is a social cancer and God is racial equalizer”.
  • Fourth IR(Industrial-revolution) highlighted the need of  ethical values while using technology.

Another significant session was a workshop by International Rescue Committee which threw light on the lives of refugees living in various refugee camps. We had an unique opportunity of worshipping in The Christ Church Bangkok, a place which accepts everyone equally.

I got  an opportunity of  visiting Immigration Detention Center(IDC) ,Thailand where  I encountered with people who  are captive for more than years. We tried to bring a ray of hope in their lives. It was a heart wrenching experience of my life.

The exposure and the experiences that we received in AYI2019 widened our horizon and equipped us to face the challenges around us.

Ms. Rachana Malekar