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CSI becomes Plastic Tide Turners
Tuesday, Sep 24, 2019

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The Church of South India Synod makes a bold step in beating plastic pollution accepting the challenge to avoid and mitigate the use of single-use plastics. The Department of Ecological Concerns organized a Young Leaders Challenge at CSI Synod Centre on September 21, 2019, in association with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
“We are a society who embraced the plastic products seeing its outward glory, but now it poses great threat to the nature and to other organisms.”, the inaugural words by the General Secretary of CSI Synod, Rev. Dr. D. RathnakaraSadananda, throw light to the need of the hour to have a paradigm shift in our modern life-style. MsAmbreen Khan, Manager-WWF India, New Delhi, Mr S. Saravanan, Coordinator- WWF-India, MsDivya, WWF- Chennai led the sessions, inculcating our inability to manage plastic waste sustainably and also about finding sustainable alternatives to plastics. Prof. Dr Mathew Koshy Punnackad, Hon. Director of Ecological Concerns articulated the green protocol guidelines to the participants and expressed his concern in implementing this novel initiative in more schools and colleges under CSI. This project got much appreciation by the active participation of two hundred students. Ms. Mary Stella, programme staff and Mr. Noble Prince Sam intern participated.

Ms Lakshmi Priya
CSI Bishop Newbigin College, Chennai

The session was very helpful. Made us aware of the hazards caused by plastics, that to reduce the usage of single use plastic. I decided to spread this crucial this crucial info to my family and to my friends. I will join hands in creating awareness and will join hands in saving our environment.

Swetha V.
CSI Bishop Newbigin College, Chennai

The programme was a mind-blowing experience for us. We learnt more information about plastics and the hazards caused by it. through this workshop, I learned the importance of proactively working against the use of single use plastic for our future generation.

M. Janani
CSI Ewart Women's Christian College, Kancheepuram

The whole day session was very useful and it creates us to prevent the people and also create an awareness among people and to change the next generation to lead with peaceful and healthy life.

P Sarieka,
CSI Ewart Women's Christian College, Kancheepuram

The tow sessions were very much informative and thought provoking.

C. Evangelin
CSI Ewart Women's Christian College, Kancheepuram

The seminar was useful to us and how to lead our life in a eco-friendly manner, reducing the plastic use in daily life.
I liked the video presentation and we will try not throw our waste in rivers and oceans.

P. T. Pavithra
CSI Bishop Newbigin College, Chennai

This workshop was very useful to us. We will implement the use of eco-pens and cloth bags and other alternative options to reduce plastics. We are much curious to know more about micro-plastics.

Prof Dr.Mathew Koshy Punnackadu
Hon.Director, Ecological Concerns
CSI Synod