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Green School Programme Vellore
Tuesday, Sep 24, 2019

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“It is not only Global warming, but it’s a global warning to us to be stewards of nature”, says Rt Rev. H. Sharma Nithiyanandam, Bishop in CSI Diocese of Vellore, in the Green School Programme held at Voorhees College, Vellore on September 20, 2019. At the outset, two fruit-bearing saplings were planted at the college campus, marking the inauguration of the workshop jointly organized by CSI Synod Ecological concerns and Diocese of Vellore. The bishop made the planting in a participatory way giving responsibility to them to nurture the plants. 108 teachers attended giving a positive feedback that they would kindle their students to protect mother-earth through their lifestyle. Environmentalist, Prof. Dr N. Narasimhan, led the sessions, positing the dire need to resort to conventional methods of biodiversity protection. Rev. Dr I. Isaac Kadirvelu, Diocesan Vice-president, Rev. Paul Kennedy, diocesan eco-director addressed the gathering. Voorhees college officials, Dr Nelson Vimalanathan, Principal, and Dr Caleb Noble Chander, Bursar, Rev. Gabriel, Presbyter extended their support in hosting the initiatives of Green School Programme.


M. Amenraj, Vellore
A workshop on GSP was such a wonderful programme in which I understood the concepts of Ecology as well as environment. The sessions taken by Dr. Narasimham was really nice, which I understood that how to protect the components of world like water, air, bio-diversity etc. I want to create the sense of conscious among students to conserve natural resources.

U. Reeta Felsia,
The sessions were very informative. I personally learnt some new ideas and techniques to save our earth. From the session, I got motivated to do green audit of my college. We leant how to do water management, carbon footprint studies etc. Finally, it is really an awesome session by Dr. Narasimhan sir

Mrs. M. Sweety Willams
I’am very happy to attend this eco-friendly conference. I recognise my fault in my surroundings. I will support in green school initiatives and also I will correct my mistakes. I will also share this info to my friends and relatives also. ​

Ms Princy Sowmya
This programme gave good awareness and insights about the necessity to protect our mother earth. We have to wake and as a teacher, I believe I could change the attitude in my students. I will cooperate with the task of Green School.

Ms Evelyn Sathyabhama
It is good that we took time and efforts to discuss about the hot issues of climate change. only students can make a bold step ahead and open the eyes of others. It is good that we set apart assessment for schools and giving Green school awards. I will motivate our students.​

Prof. Dr.Mathew Koshy Punnackadu
Hon.Director, Ecological Concerns
CSI Synod