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Green School Programme - Madras Diocese
Monday, Sep 23, 2019

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The Green School Programme, organized by CSI Synod Ecological concerns was held on 19th September, 2019, at LITE Auditorium, Chennai. The training workshop includes a participation of 100 teachers from the diocesan higher educational institutions. Prof. Dr Mathew Koshy Punnackad, Hon. Director, CSI Synod Department of Ecological Concerns, inaugurated the one-day workshop, making a call for action by implementing the eco-conservation methods following the Green Protocol of CSI. Environmentalist, Prof. Dr N. Narasimhan capacitated the participants about the measures to conduct green auditing to mobilise the students as eco-warriors. Mr Arulnathan, Diocesan Educational officer, Rev. Joseph Premkumar, Diocesan Ecology Director, extended support to the massive Green School Programme of CSI Synod. Mr. Noble Prince Sam and Mrs. Mary Stella explained the details of GSP auditing.


Mrs. Emily Titus
CSI Monahan Matric Hr Sec. School, Chennai

This is a student centered programme, which will help them to think green, do green, and live green. This will also get spread to their families and better greener generation. This will also help students to have hands on experience and acquire knowledge by doing which will help them enjoy learning. The outcome of this GSP programme will be a great harvest, not only quantitatively, but in increasing a healthy and qualitative life.

Ms R. Walter,
CSI Central HSS, Arakkonam

The GSP programme was very useful. All must understand that the emergency of preservation and protection of our indigenousplants as well as animal. I'm impressed and got lot of ecological information from this programme.

Mrs Y Mary Karpagan
CSI Corley HSS, Tambaram

Attending both session is very good, ice and innovative. I assure you as a HM. I will make my children to become a Eco-warriors and also to love the nature and to protect. I will make my school campus as a Eco-friendly environment.

Mrs. Christina Tamilarasi
CSI Rajagopal HSS, Chennai

It is very essential programme and important one also. We need more awareness about Ecovision and Environmental goals. Very thankful for called us, we try to do very effectively in our school premises. Our campus has got much place. We will plant and motivate our children to conserve it.

Ms Arul Papitha
CSI Monahan GHSS, Chennai

This programme gave us ideas how to bond and get connected with nature, and we would inculcate the need of the hour to save environment in children's mind. So they will learn in a joyful way.

CSI EWART Matric Hr. Sec. School, Annanagar, Chennai

The interactive lecture given by Dr Narasimhan was an eye-opener to encourage students to save and conserve the environment. The lecture given by Dr Mathew Koshy was very useful. The various brainstorming questions posed by him made us think differently. If these are followed in classrooms, learning will become a joyful experience.

C. Jayaseeli

Today's ecology programme is very good. I have learned so many things through this programme. It is very much needed and useful for this generation. It should be implemented in school. It will give a good fortune for the new generation. Sincere regards for conducting such a good programme for teachers. Thanks to everybody.

Mr. V. Daniel Tolstoy

We got much motivated about the importance of ecological balance and the environmental needs. I understood the deeper concepts of Green School Programme. We will speak about the importance of green school concepts among the students.

Mrs. Hannah Daniel
St David's Matriculation School, Cuddalore

We had very interesting sessions and we will work and would implement the activities of green school programme.

Ms Praman Sathya
CSI Anderson School

CSI Green school programme is very useful programme as it motivates them to use our natural resources consciously. We must also encourage farmers and agriculture and also our students to start doing vegetable garden in their home.

Ms S Shirlee
CSI Corley HSS, Tambaram

It was really a interesting and motivating class for the teachers to know about the green school. We learnt many innovative measures to create our school green and develop our student's ability to learn more about green schools.

Mrs J. Mary Elizabeth,
CSI Madras

It was very informative and useful. Many innovative ideas were given and I want to implement this in my school. Even though we have lack of space, I want to encourage my children to do it at their houses.

A Grace Patricia
CSI Hr Sec. School, Melrosapuram

It was an interesting session. By attending this Green School programme, I understood the necessity to implement in our schools. we came to understand about how to use innovative methods to change our environment pollution free. we should change the attitude towards nature and must conserve it for future generations.

Mrs Sofia Stephen
CSI Jessie Moses School, Chennai

This is very effective programme in nurturing the nature. Motivated by the concept of Green school as it is not just about planting a few saplings.

Green Protocol must be practiced by all the citizens.

Ms Sheeba K
EWART Global School, Chennai

The programme was very informative to know the importance of an environment. Understood the importance of our resource and its proper usage. Keep going with this great effort to inculcate the younger minds to save our earth. Good Job.

Prof Dr.Mathew Koshy Punnackadu
Hon.Director, Ecological Concerns
CSI Synod