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Colloquium to study the book 'Exploring Ecological Hermeneutics'
Monday, Oct 07, 2019

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The CSI Synod Department of Ecological Concerns arranged a Colloquium to study the book 'Exploring Ecological Hermeneutics' written by Norman C Habel and Peter Trudinger on 30th September to 1st October 2019 at CSI Synod Centre, Chennai.

The colloquium helped  the participants to think critically and clearly about the Bible's relation to modern environmental issues. The book expands the horizon of biblical interpretation to introduce ecological hermeneutics, moving beyond a simple discussion about Earth and its constituents as topics to a reading of the text from the perspective of Earth. Rev.Dr. John Samuel Ponnuswamy, Rev.Dr. Mothy Varkey and Dr.Sam P Mathew were the resource persons.

Feedback from the participants:

Rev.Pratap Vasamalla Diocese of Dornakal . Privileged to attend this colloquium –Ecological Hermeneutics. I’m enlightened and empowered to continued my ecological sensitivity towards the society. Learned three new Hermeneutical tools in this colloquium Suspicion, Identification and   Retrieval. Able to see the   Biblical texts in ecological perspective by using above mentioned tools.

Dn S.Immanual Arputha Kumar  Diocese of Thoothukudi – Nazareth.  Very much helpful, two days enjoyed very much in the learning process of Exploring and Ecological Hermeneutics. Perspective has changed and dedicated to teach and preach to the congregation.

Rev. Alexander Samuel Diocese of South Kerala. Selection of the Book is very much useful. Resource persons presented the chapters in an attractive way and their responses to questions were also very much interesting. Helped a lot to know more about possibilities of ecological hermeneutics.

Rev. V. Samuel Jebaraj Diocese of Kanya Kumari, Colloquium was arranged very systematically. Helped a lot to know about ecology with Biblical perspective and helped me to earn many friends from various Dioceses. And would like to attend the colloquium, to become an eco-activist.

Rev. P. Austin Diocese of Coimbatore. Excellent Programme to study ecological concerns. It’s a heart touching, on knowing and feeling the voice of the creation. Rev. V. Paul Robert Kennedy Diocese of Vellore. Rich experience in my ministerial journey able to claim another height in terms of ecological knowledge.

Dn. P. Prakash Gnanadurai Diocese of Tuticorin-Nazareth. Present context needs this type of reading scriptures. I learned nature talks in a spiritual sense. This colloquium has thought new thinking and dimension in ecological sense.

Prof.Dr.Mathew Koshy Punnackad
Hon.Director, Department of Ecological Concerns
CSI Synod