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A Lower Primary Teacher Closely Associated with the Green School Programme, Hailed for Her Innovative Teaching Skills
Wednesday, Oct 09, 2019

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Ms Jessy Thomas, CMS LP School, Muhamma has been teaching Maths in an interesting way to the students. She is a member of the Ecology Committee of CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese. This school got Green School award of CSI several times. This video became viral when it came in the FaceBook Post of the Education Minister of Kerala. The CSI Synod Department of Ecological Concerns Congratulates Ms Jessy Thomas for her innovative teaching methodology. She is teaching maths in a poetical way in the Malayalam language. Once the school was on the verge of closing. Dedicated HM and teachers are responsible for the progress of this school.

About the School 
Started around the year 1855 by Rev Joseph Peet, CMS LP School stands as the first school in Muhamma village of Alappuzha District. Kerala. The school is located near the Coast of Vembanadu Lake and serves as a medium of education for the children of families in and around the Muhamma Panchayath. Through the years the school has seen many ups and downs but now stands as one of the prestigious institutions in CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese.
Currently, there are around 700 children in our school from nursery to 4th standard, mostly hailing from the families of coir workers and fishermen. Our school keeps a good standard in both curricular and extra-curricular fields.

Representation and achievements:
• Selected from Cherthala sub-district to participate and present thesis in the seminar “involvement of School clubs in uplifting Academic excellence”, held at Thiruvananthapuram during the year 2009-’10 and 2010-’11.
• Awarded ‘Best school’ in Cherthala Sub-district during 2007-’08, 2009-’10 and 2010-’11.
• Best PTA Award for the year 2011 in Cherthala sub-district
• ‘Best School’mikavothsavam award for the year 2015-’16 in Alappuzha district was given by SarvaSikshaAbhyan.
• Mrs Jolly Thomas, headmistress got the best state school teacher award for the year 2013-‘14
• Through the initiative and participation of PTA and Students, Agricultural and medicinal gardens were introduced in the schools, which gave us the HarithaVidhyalayam award from the education department, a horticultural award from horticorp wing, green school award from Madhya Kerala diocese and
• Wonderla environment and energy conservation award 2012.
• Our school has two units of Bharath scouts. Mr Muhammad Rafi, our scoutmaster got the best sub-district scoutmaster award.
• One of the recognisable achievements of our school is our Band group.
• Overall and individual championship in Sports competition.
During the last 10 years, we got a record enrolment. The number of students enrolled during 2015-’16 was 725 which was only 299 during the year 2005- 06.

Curricular Activities:
Other than classroom teaching the school has taken initiative in uplifting the academic level in children. Some of the programmes the school introduced are:
1. Quality based English learning programme
2. Language fest
3. Port-folio exhibition
4. Reading corner
5. Simple science experiments
6. Way of knowledge- a quiz programme

Extra-Curricular activities:
1. Honesty shop: an initiative taken to build honesty among children
2. Care and share: Programme started to make children contribute to help each other at the time of need
3. Walk with the scholars: Pick up some children with high IQ and give special coaching
4. Leave plastic, save the earth
5. My Day (class-based cultural programme): A day set apart for each class to showcase the performance of each student in that class
6. Band troop
7. Karate class
8. Keep the school clean programme
9. Butterfly garden:
10. Love feast: A day when teachers, students and parents of the class get together in a fellowship lunch
11. Field trip: Visiting various centres in and around the panchayath to invoke community sense within the students.
12. Icon of Month: introducing an eminent personality to all the children.

Reported by
Prof.Dr.Mathew Koshy Punnackad
Hon.Director, Department of Ecological Concerns
CSI Synod