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Case Study of Sangeetha – a tribute to her constant efforts.
Monday, Sep 16, 2019

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Wesley Girls Hostel, Secunderabad. Project No. 20207

R.SANGEETHA – 20207/1210 – Sangeetha joined our project in the year 2005 for class IV. She comes from a Hindu background. Her father died when she was five months old. Her Mother was struggling to bring up the child and the Pastor in her village recommended her to our Project. She had her education with us with the support of KNH. She was nurtured here in all aspects of life – physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional.

Through this holistic intervention she excelled in all that she did. The interventions she received from the Project strengthened her resolve to concentrate in her studies.And as a result of her constant efforts and the inputs recieved from the Project she could pursue higher studies and now she is doing MBA ( Master in Business Administration) 1st year in Hyderabad.

Though she comes from a Hindu family, she could study up to Post graduation level, because in most of the Hindu families girls are not allowed/encouraged to persue higher studies and they get them married at a very young age. It is just because Sangeetha is sponsored by KNH, she could study up to this level and we consider it a great achievement. Her Mother also could not have had any say if she were to be in the village as most of the Hindu widows are not allowed to speak up or decide things on their own.

Sangeetha is a calm girl, but very firm in her decisions and actions. Her mother is very happy about Sangeetha’s growth and development in all spheres. She has now become a very beautiful young girl. She thanks God and her foster parents for their kind & continuous support for 12 long years.