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“Korind a Miracle” published in Busan South Korea in 2008

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“Korind a Miracle” published in Busan South Korea in 2008
The Korind Mission Association has been a great work of God in his grace as an extension of Korean churche’s over sees mission. In fact the Korean churches both individually or at the denominational level have been involved in multi-phasetted missionary work in several continents. I commend the Korind Mission Association as an inter-denominational mission intervention by the Korean Churches, Predominantly the churches in and around Busan, South Korea.
The visions of the founders and commitment of the Korind members took the Korind Mission into a modern trend in the missionary movement, catering to the spiritual and social needs of the people in India towards a comprehensive Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
I wish all the members of the Korind Mission Association all blessings from God for their meticulous interest in this kind of a mission intervention at this juncture of reaching a mark of centenary church. This book corroborates the concerns of the churches in Korea and the interest of individual Pastors and elders of these churches in contributing to bring about a little more than 100 churches within a period of 4 years of its early life.
May God bless all those who are part of this mission

Rev. Park Eun Sung
Former Chairperson
Korind Mission Association
Dadaejungang Church, Busan

I humble myself to respond to the call of our Lord Jesus Christ for this novel ministry across the cultures called KORIND Mission Association. When I visited India on this mission purpose  I could personally experience the spiritual vacuum  that a big chunk of poor dalith communities suffering in India. I am really impressed with the way that these loving people of God in India receive the Gospel of Jesus as a matter of spiritual strength for their rural lives so close to nature as most of them are the agricultural labor. I am really committed to fill the gap with the love of Jesus for global humanity.

A church is indeed a centre of their community life in each of the villages where the Korind has gone in. The church has brought a valuable dignity to such community and meets the spiritual needs of individual. Church is so real to them as Jesus who is a matter of their mentor and a savior. Jesus is a saviour in terms of fulfilling the need of these ruiral masses who had been deprived of human dignity and basic rights of life. Poverty is not so much a botheration for them but having a God such as Jesus Christ is a real satisfaction and an inseparable bond of love to them. Generation after generation the church provides a central message of Jesus Christ while the Korean churches provide a constant friendship and solidarity with these discriminated daliths who predominantly fill the Indian church.
I take this as God’s given privilege to strive for this mission as much as God provides possibility for me. I not only commit myself for the cause of this Mission I also encourage as many as possible to receive the blessings of this spiritual exercise of sharing a church with a community in India.
Rev. Lee Sang Geol
Executive Secretary

CSI, Chennai 6th October 2014
Rev.Dr.Lee Sang Geol Chief Executive of Korind Mission Association

I thank God for this opportunity to greet all of you in this auspicious meeting of global partners.
I bring greetings to you from the donor family of KORIND, across several denominations in South Korea, particularly from the Presbyterian Church of Korea. When I first visited India in 2006, I saw three things –

    First-India is caught up with the Hindu spirit. Second, the spirit makes discrimination     between people in this modern, civilized century. Third, people consisting of the     lower     class are being suffered physically and mentally.  And when I had another trip in     December in the same year, I     saw the people worship in an open place under a tree.

In Korea, we all have church buildings; at least we can lend the space.  And I can feel God’s heart sobbing for the sad situation in India, suffered from poverty and discrimination.  He gave me a special call and strong will to help the poor dalith communities in India.

So, I volunteered for the work of constructing churches in India. I need the cooperation of local church to accomplish my task. With several ministers, Korind Mission was established in 2007.  Dongsan Church which I have been ministering stood behind this mission with their tithe of their annual income. And I started encouraging all my friends and families whom I meet to build church in India. God is pleased with it.  So many people including my two daughters and friends started to donate to Korind Mission. God loves India, and He works for whom he loves.
He made me his servant for this mission and let me share His joy with you.

Thank you
Rev.Lee Sang-Geol
KORIND Mission

May God bring more of us into the koinonia of Korind
May God strengthen the hands of partners
May God shower blessings upon all Korind Churches
May God grant us courage to overcome all hurdles